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  1. Dollhouse Newbie

    Hello, everyone. I have always wanted a dollhouse and dabbled here and there over the years. Now that I'm retired, I've thrown myself into the hobby with a vengeance! I have a beautiful farmhouse built for me by Kelloggs and a Victoria's Farmhouse I bought second-hand. I've been learning so much and find myself engrossed in a project for hours! I've learned a lot from this forum about painting the dollhouse, what glues to use for different projects and types of wood for dollhouse furniture. I'm so grateful for everyone's generous support and suggestions! This forum is a godsend! 
  2. Federal farmhouse has new paint!

    From the album Cadigan Farmhouse

    I've made some progress on the Federal farmhouse: it now sports the second coat of new gray paint on the body and the first coat of black on the roof.  Looks better already!  
  3. I bought an fh505 for $30 from Craigslist about 2 years ago. I love making miniatures and finally have time to build the house.  This is my first build and I am having a little bit of issue with construction. I have read the instructions many times over, and I've examined the pictures, but I'm still not sure I'm assembling it correctly.  I don't want to mess it up. Does anyone happen to have any pictures of their progress AS they are building? Im a visual person and hope if I can see the way someone else is doing it, it might help me to figure out if I'm doing this correctly. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello Everyone, Like so many other new members, I too am glad to have found this site and was pointed here earlier by another member Thank you.  I live in Rochester Hills, Michigan and just purchased my first home; a vintage Farmhouse, that was started and never finished. Its in all raw materials, so I plan to continue, make a few modifications and add electricity.  I have worked on real homes, but never a miniature and find it amazing, a great place to unwind and be creative.  Did anyone else find themselves running in all directions with excitement to do this and that?  I find I have to slow down and take one thing at a time; quality not quantity!    Well what I have is called,  The Colonial Estate and made by S/W Crafts.  If anyone knows anything about this one, please I would love to know as I can't find much information about it or the company as it is out of business.   I hope to hear from some of you about your experiences and expertise in the miniature world. It's an amazing little world!  Thank you, Gloria     
  5. IMG-4887.JPG

  6. Victorian Farmhouse is FINISHED!

    From the album Victorian Farmhouse

    The Victorian Farmhouse is finished as of June 25, 2016!  Yay!              
  7. Farmhouse Exterior side view

    From the album Victorian Farmhouse

    Side view of finished exterior              
  8. Hello All,   I am new to the site.  I was cleaning out my woodshop and found a boxed Duracraft Farmhouse 505 that I partially assembled back about 1994. I was going to donate it to the local thrift shop, but in searching the web for the missing instructions, I found your blogs and thought perhaps someone would like to have it? As I remember it from 1994, I just got too busy to complete it and I don't have any family interested.  I can not ascertain that all the parts are still included, but it all fits into the same box and is very heavy.  I live in North Georgia.   Thank you for the time.
  9. Potential Office Layout

    From the album Haleigh's House

    Proposed office layout.  I used scrapbook paper for the walls and a wallpaper border for the mural.  And yes, that is a "cowhide" on the floor.  The lamp has the cutest tiny bears on it, and there will be a matching stuffed bear in the office when it's finished.
  10. I'm currently working on my first build, a duracraft farmhouse fh505.  I am having some issue and could use a bit of help. I've posted about the issues I'm having in the duracraft forum. Any suggestions and/or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Unfinished house, back view

    From the album Haleigh's House

    Back view of the totally unfinished house. If I had known I would be finishing the house I would've stopped them from completing the build before finishing out each floor! 
  12. Kitchen

    From the album Haleigh's House

    Here is the kitchen with the wallpaper and flooring in place.  My daughter is partial to chickens and wanted this wallpaper in Haleigh's house.  I am actually wondering whose house this really is... 
  13. Front

    From the album Haleigh's House

    Front of the house.  I like the colors they chose!
  14. Dry fit, left side

    From the album Sara's Farmhouse

    Amazing how fast a house can come together when you're not being particular about the exterior finish.
  15. Close up

    From the album Sara's Farmhouse

    The crackle finish is growing on me. I've also figured out a way to fix the areas I don't particularly like, so I'll do that soon.
  16. Dry Fit 2- front

    From the album Spooky farmhouse- Montana style

    Cut the windows and door square, cut windows in the primrose, cut the doorway between, filled the top window, glued the adjoining walls together. Now to start the porch and foundation! Get excited!
  17. From the album My Travel Finds

    My latest find. This was in NE Philly on Craigslist. I got it for $40 and the guy delivered it to my hotel. Normally I take them on the plane with me as checked luggage, but since I am in a walking boot I made a stop at FedEx Office on my way to the airport. I can't wait to get started!
  18. From the album My Travel Finds

    Another pickup on the way back to Indiana from Dallas. There was no box, just a tote and a trash bag. All of the parts seem to be there AND the instructions. I may sell this to someone locally as I already have one. I just couldn't see it get tossed. The lady's niece had left it with her for 10 years and she was tired of it getting in the way.
  19. Hofco Colonial Farmhouse (3)

    From the album My Travel Finds

    Hopefully the Hofco kit I just bought will look something like this when I am done.
  20. From the album My Travel Finds

    My latest find. Unfortunately he had sold or given away the furniture and "goodies." This was in NE Philly on Craigslist. I got it for $40 and the guy delivered it to my hotel. Normally I take them on the plane with me as checked luggage, but since I am in a walking boot I made a stop at FedEx Office on my way to the airport. I can't wait to get started!