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  1. Intro of my project HERE EXTERIOR As I mentioned in my intro, I plan on totally customizing the exterior. I will start by adding a portico style porch over the front door to give the house more depth. Then the whole bottom half of the house will have a stone finish.          Photo 1: I love this house! This house was the initial inspiration behind the stone porch so I plan on replicating it on my Glencroft exactly! I can't wait to see how it will turn out. I also plan on finishing the chimney the same way. Plaster and Stone.  Photo 2: I researched for days until I came across this stone stencil by Bromley Craft. I thought it looked extremely realistic and seems like it would work well with the tudor details around the rest of the house.   Photo 3: Not sure where I saved this from, But this is going to be my reference when painting the stones to look real.  Photo 4: This house is located just a few blocks from me and I love the details of the wood and the plaster.  The textures seem like they will be a lot of fun (or a nightmare) to create in mini.  My plan for this will be to attach all the wood detailing first and then fill in the spaces between the wood with spackle for the plaster.  Ive experimented a few times with this over the weekend using popsicle sticks and so far it seems like it works pretty well. (See below photos) Photo 5: For the main living room window, I decided to make one completely from scratch to compliment the stone facade. I liked these medieval/gothic style window casements and decided this heavy stone look with the diamond leaded glass will look great on that specific window.      Photo 6 & 7: For my wood & plaster exterior experiment/test, I cut and glued down the wood, then when dry....I sanded till smooth and went over it with a awl to scratch in the wood beam grain.  For the plaster I painted the space with wood glue first and before it dried completely, I spread and smoothed the spackle as much as possible into the space. When completely dry, I used a moist rag instead of sandpaper and smoothed the spackle even more while simultaneously cleaning out the spackle from the tiny cracks in the wood.  For my actual build, I plan on pre-finishing the wood trim before adding in the spackle so it doesn't stick AS MUCH to the wood and will be easier to clean off.  The overall finished look seemed a bit more "Rustic" than what I want so we'll see how I refine this process.  My Kit arrives tomorrow so I cant wait to start my Gallery/Blog!    Thanks for reading guys! xx
  2. Ravenwood's new mascot

    From the album 1/2 Scale Ravenwood Hall a First Lady by RGT

    Ravenwood Hall (yes the name have been cemented in) has a new mascot... this awesome, amazing, oh my gosh I am so in love, raven was sent to me by JaneS .... a very handsome mascot he makes too if you ask me.
  3. gothic miniature decor set

    From the album Scenes & Other Minis

    I think I'm going to add "Halloween House" to my dollhouse build list because I like making things in this style. This set started with finding some cool orange skull beads, that turned into lamps. And then I made some pillows to go with them. This set is on eBay, if anyone is interested.

    © Kyle Lefort 2014

  4. From the album Aztec Show 2013

    Another piece that I just love. I sold a couple at the Dayton 3 Blind Mice Show and bought the two she had left at Aztec and ordered 10 more (and sold them). I placed an order for an additional 30, but she doesn't have 30 frames. She told me she will have to get creative and I can't wait to see what she does. People love this for a haunted house build, Alice in Wonderland, Witch's House, etc.

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  5. Gothic mirror

    From the album Gothic Orchid

    I made the mirror from some fancy toothpicks and bits of wood sticks, and a chunk cut from a craft store mirror.