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  1. The blue one! It's so cool. It also seems to be back opening      
  2. Hi everyone. I'm still looking for the Skilcraft Victorian Manor with Coach House, circa 1979. My parents originally purchased this dollhouse for me at Sears in Oregon, but I haven't been able to find any in kit on eBay, Craigslist, Amazon, vintage and antique stores; I just missed one sold off Craigslist in Long Island in November. Here is a picture with some related facts: (You do not need to be a member to view this website). Anyhow...I am happy to pay for the kit and shipping or if you see it in your treasure travels, please PM me. I'm in Seattle, WA...also looking for a miniature group to join in the area if you know of any. So far I have only located groups south of Seattle or in Eastern WA. Too far to drive Here is a picture link or see attached file with some related facts: (You do not need to be a member to view this website). Thank you for reading and happy dollhousing!
  3. Stone Age living

    So I was browsing this morning and found this   I love the faux painted forest rooms!
  4. Lulu in the alexandria

    From the album alexandria

    My kitty Lulu in the bathroom in my Alexandria lol. She loves to be in that house is almost always asleep in the attic.
  5. Hi all, My parents have had this dollhouse in the family for years. It's been under a tarp in my mom's basement for about 30 years. Last known records have the creator of the house dying about 1916, so we figure it was built in the late 1800's. It's believed to be modeled after my dad's grandmother's house in Vermont. Very cool! I've taken on the project of restoring it (I'm not sure I'm up for refurbishing). First question ... what's the best way to clean years of paint? It looks to be that an owner along the way gooped the paint on. I have no idea what kind of paint it is ... is there an easy way to determine this? Any advice for a newbie is welcome! Cheers, Heather
  6. Hi, I am looking for the 1979 Skil-craft Victorian Manor with Coach House model 6830. This is the dollhouse my mom and I never finished that was wrecked in a typhoon. Happy to pay for the dollhouse and shipping. Contact me.
  7. Making it into older two story house

    From the album House

    Most of the furniture is 3-D puzzle furniture, although, I did build the kitchen cabinetry, table and ladder to hole in second floor. Made two smaller beds from a larger bed. My daughter gave me the metal stoves. I made my first quilt. It is in the upper right bedroom. The other quilts are computer printed on fabric. Found the dog at a thrift store and thought he had the perfect look for this house.
  8. Thrift Store Find

    From the album House

    Bought this decorative house at Goodwill. Removed the back and put in a second floor. Put textured scrapbook paper on walls. Framed in the windows and made the door. Simple curtains out of creased paper.
  9. Two views of the house

    From the album House

    I cut down the sewing table to try to make it look like it was not too big. Maybe someday I will change it to a smaller sewing machine. I also used a too big coffee pot on the stove, but I like coffee so I will happily keep it there and not look for a smaller one.
  10. quarter scale gingerbread houses

    From the album Scenes & Other Minis

    1/12th scale hanmade gingerbread house (the 2012 series) 1/4th scale hanmade gingerbread house (the 2013 series) Available in my Etsy shop.

    © Kyle Lefort 2013

  11. quarter scale gingerbread houses

    From the album Scenes & Other Minis

    1/4th scale hanmade gingerbread house (the 2013 series) Available in my Etsy shop.

    © Kyle Lefort 2013

  12. Before the Storm

    From the album Country House - Renovated

    Grandpa and the girls made it home from trick or treating just in time, as it looks like storm clouds are up above. Also, it is getting darker earlier these days.
  13. Dry Fit

    From the album The Boathouse Lakeside Inn (Spring Fling 2013)

    Just messing around with temporary furniture and components to see how to arrange everything
  14. Hi all. I have a Greenleaf 1/2" Fairfield house that i bought off if Ebay not realizing it was 1/2 scale, and I don't like working but in 1"size. Before trying to sell on Ebay, i figured id ask here if anyone would be willing to trade it for a house kit they may have laying around in 1'size and I'll ship the Fairfield to you in return. I'm not really particular in what I'm looking for and open to anything Longs it's regular scale. The Fairfield is in the box and was open to make sure all contents were there. All pieces, wood, window sheets, and instructions are all there. If your interested in buying the house instead of a trade, let me know. Shoot me an email or leave me a message on here. I do hope to find someone with a house tho so i could work on that. As i stated I'm not picky n open to pretty much any type if house. Id be willing to pay for s+h . Ill give this about a week or so n see what type if response i get. Thanks everyone in advance. Hope to hear from you. Have a good one. If you would like pictures of the kit, please let me know and ill message them to u. Thanks again, Kris
  15. Inside Beach House

  16. From the album My Travel Finds

    Another pickup on the way back to Indiana from Dallas. There was no box, just a tote and a trash bag. All of the parts seem to be there AND the instructions. I may sell this to someone locally as I already have one. I just couldn't see it get tossed. The lady's niece had left it with her for 10 years and she was tired of it getting in the way.