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  1. Intro of my project HERE LIVING ROOM I always loved Tudor architecture. I live here in Los Angeles and there is A LOT of 1920s built Tudor homes that have always caught my eye.  Living in a 1920s building myself, I always loved the finished and details that you just don't see in modern day constructions.  Thus, leading me to focus my finishes and details around the 1920s.         Photo 1: For the living room, I decided nothing would look richer than to do dark stained floor to ceiling paneling. I think to achieve this I plan on creating secondary walls traced from the kit walls out of the same kit style wood. Doing all the finishes and wiring and then gluing the wall into place directly over a kit wall. This is still a theory so stay tuned to see the work in progress. Photo 2: I thought a carved stone fireplace would look great with the wall paneling. Luckily, I found THIS ONE which will be really easy to paint and inset into the existing fireplace cavity.  Photo 3: The provided staircase with the kit is cute and all, but not good enough for this project.  My goal is to make this as to-scale as possible with as much detail as possible so I plan on making the stairs a bit more grand and intricate. I love the look of the heavy balusters and the square newel posts. I think it will be easy to achieve using pre made staircase pieces and just hand making the newel posts out of square dowels and some baseboard moulding trimmed down.  Like I said above.... we'll see how this theory plays out.  Photo 4: Lastly is the ceiling. The first picture has a hint of this finish but the last picture shows what I want in a bit more detail. White plaster ceiling with heavy crossed beams, trimmed with a small crown moulding.  I have a feeling that this is going to be a pain. If anyone has any suggestions on how to do a detailed ceiling like that please share!  Stay Tuned for my next post: Dining Room Inspiration
  2. Stone Age living

    So I was browsing this morning and found this   I love the faux painted forest rooms!
  3. Elm St., Windsor Locks, CT

    From the album Inspiration

    The house may not resemble the Arthur, but the porch does!

    © Carol Horner

  4. From the album Inspiration

    Beautiful porch trim (I bet it had turned balusters in an earlier time)!

    © Carol Horner

  5. It is obvious we are a creative bunch , in many areas not just minis, so where did your talents/interest come from ? I grew up on a farm, lots of chores and hard work, and learned quickly to never say I was bored , as that would result in being sent to pull weeds , clean the barn , or other unpleasantries . My Mom was always sewing, baking ,doing embroidery, and her favorite leather working ( she would make purses ,wallets and belts that the local bar would sell) , and taught my sisters and I . Once in awhile we could do one of these instead of going to the barn . Later on in life my mother in law taught me one of my favorite crafts , crochet , though all have taken a back seat since delving into the world of minis. I would be lost without my crafts. So who sparked your creativity ?