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  1. Laurel

    Hello! New to this forum.  I have built my Laurel dollhouse and am starting to decorate interior. Would love to see how others laid out their kitchen/living room/dining room. Thank you so much!
  2. Beacon Hill Haunted Mansion Interior

    From the album Beacon Hill Haunted Mansion

    A look at the three interior floors.  Used the same cardboard technique described in the chimney photo on the foyer floor.
  3. Latest Full Interior

    From the album Country House - Album 2

    This is the latest picture of the back side of my Country House.
  4. The House's First Occupants

    From the album My First Build: The Beacon Hill

    My daughter is only two at this point, so she doesn't have any small dolls as yet. She does enjoy imaginative play with the little wood people shown here though. I obviously have a lot of interior work to do. The fun never ends.
  5. Full View

    From the album Vermont Farmhouse, Jr.

    The top floor is done, but the first two floors need dividers. The first floor will contain the kitchen and living room, and Maureen plans to make the kitchen the bigger of the two rooms. This is typical for a farmouses, as I picture them having big kitchens. The flooring came with the kit.
  6. Tennyson Progress: Living Room

    From the album My Tennyson

    Flooring, ceiling, and wallpaper in the living room are complete. Need to work on moulding, the interior door and touch up the window trim.
  7. Tennyson Progress: Interior

    From the album My Tennyson

    Interior work thus far. Upstairs bedroom and downstairs living room.
  8. Interior before

    From the album Southern Dynasty Restoration

    View if interior from back of house with attic open.
  9. Furnished Interior

    From the album Country House - Renovated

    This is a glympse of the interior of my fully furnished country house as of September 22, 2013. Please come back to visit often.
  10. Remodeled Interior

    From the album Country House - Renovated

    This is how the backside of the house looked when I brought it home from the Dollhouse Factory. Chuck did all the restructuring on the third floor, plus he made a partition for the bathroom on the second floor and added the staircase. He also resurfaced the walls, added the flooring, and cleaned, repaired, and painted the outside. Bill did all the wallpapering and added the molding. I told them how I wanted the house to look, but this turned out even better than what I imagined.
  11. Mckinley my way

    From the album McKinley inside and out

    This house is about 10 years old now. Things are starting to look bad because the glue is now showing where it didn't before. So much yellow staining around the walls and windows. The house needs all new wallpapering. The electricity on the bottom floor stopped working too. ARGH!
  12. Scrappy inside

    From the album The Scrappy, dollhouse made of scraps

    I'm happy with the way it turned out except for one thing, I wish now that I had made the house deeper. It looks like a dollhouse that has been cut in half and is messing the back side.
  13. dollhouse 056

    From the album Westville

    Interior almost done. I'm taking a hard wire lighting class (Mr. K's) at the Philly show then I will connect all the wiring. I've tested all and they work.
  14. 1wppurplewhite 1

    From the album Printable Wallpapers

    All these printies come ready to print...there should be no need for adjustments. Use regular printing paper or cardstock for the wallpapers. I suggest using cardstock for things other then wallpapers. You can change whatever you like in any of these printies.
  15. 017

    From the album The Laurel

    So I am having a hard time deciding on the wallpaper. I love the yellow paper that I have in the bottom left hand corner, but I just don't know if it's too bright for the rest of the house. I am having trouble finding wallpaper to go into the upstairs right handed room that match with the rest of the house.... any suggestions? yellow? red? should the whole house be red? or just yellow? or a mix? honest opinions would be really great. My husband just tells me that whatever I decide will look great, so it's not the most helpful advice.