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  1. Kitchen cupboards

    From the album Sara's Willowcrest!

    Currently empty, but I'm buying food to fill it up 
  2. Emmy's kitchen

    I've spent the last few weeks making an old fashioned kitchen roombox for my granddaughter for Xmas. I started by stripping a Town Square hutch, which was a real pain. It probably wouldn't have been so bad if the darn thing hadn't been painted black, which had seeped into the wood. I used an easy build roombox from, but chose to leave the top and the acrylic front off. It's easier for play without the top. I also reinforced the walls to the base by gluing strips of wood along the outside where the walls are glued to the base. I made the hutch along the back wall. After I made the drawers I realized I had marked the drawer fronts 1/16th inch too narrow, so there's more of a gap than I intended. I wanted a slight gap to ensure that the drawers moved easily for a seven year old. I might remake the drawers if it continues to bother me. I  forgot to glue the clock to the wall, but I'm thinking of adding a few more things. I needed to put everything into place so I'd know if I wanted to add anything else to make it look just right. I feel there should be a woodbox in the corner by the stove, then Em will learn that all stoves weren't always gas or electric. She will also learn that people used to keep ice boxes on porches or in back entry rooms, which is why there's none in the kitchen. Frankly, I didn't feel like jamming an ice box in there.  
  3. animalcrackers.png

    From the album Mini Paper Printables

    score, cut, fold, glue
  4. 3x5.gif

    From the album Mini Paper Printables

    score, cut, fold, glue
  5. Good Morning!  I just wanted to share a link to the Shapeways shop I opened over the weekend.  I have 3D printed Kitchen Miniature Sets available currently with more products coming soon! The sets are available in 1:12 and 1:24 scale and include a Stockpot w/lid, Skillet, Small Saucepan, Baking dish, Loaf pan, Pie plate, Mixing bowl, Rolling pin, Pitcher, Tea kettle w/lid and a Small mug. They are made of a sturdy nylon plastic and can be painted easily with just about any type of craft or model paint.  I'm happy to answer any questions you have and would love to hear what you think!  
  6. kittinfoil.JPG

    From the album Miniatures "Things" I've made

    Made from the lid of a tin can....
  7. BeaconHill-kitchen-1.jpg

    From the album ~ Beacon Hill ~

    Furniture test, not a lot of space in this tiny kitchen. The hutch and table were barewood pieces I painted to match the kitchen, tried to distress them a bit too but I think they need more work. Idealy the sink should go under a window but then the furniture will look too crammed... luckily it fits on that narrow wall too. I bought a reutter pot rack so I could have a decent assortment of pots and pans, everything else is from my porcelain collection. I guess I'll use some of the stuff I already had to decorate the house, I'm missing a lot of basic accessories I'll have to get later but I'll have plenty of time till I can actually keep the furniture in the house xD
  8. minibakingday.jpg

    From the album Back at it!

  9. Kitchen dresser

    From the album Back at it!

    Via tutorial from
  10. All dressed up

    From the album Back at it!  Tutorial for books and the kitchen dresser!
  11. Orchid Questions

    Hi all, I'm working on the Orchid (TMF) my first house in 31 years. I was thinking about putting the bottom partition in so that the kitchen is on the left. I thought about extending the bay window in for a small table. For those of you who've done this house, would that work?(i.e. proper height) I really don't want to put printed wallpaper on all of the interior walls, and I've heard that you shouldn't paint them, so can I put up solid color cardstock instead? I'd read some posts about scoring the floor and staining to look like floor planks, but my shell is already together. Could I make floor planks with craft (popsicle) sticks? I'm having a hard time sanding the edges of pieces to get them really smooth. They seem to be rough no matter what I do, and on some of the narrow trim pieces, some of the back layer has actually fallen off. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!
  12. 57c728db39dec-kitchendh.jpg

    From the album San franciscan-555

    Kitchen is done, Not nearly as nice as you all can do but I am happy with it. Wish the inside windows were not pink. No way am i attempting to repaint them inside.
  13. Intro of my project HERE DINING ROOM The current kit doesnt have a designated dining room so I got the idea to add a room to the left of the house for the kitchen and turn the existing kitchen into the dining room.           Photo 1: My first step when beginning my build will be to redo the wall between the living room and dining. As of now there is a small door on the right half of the wall and I plan on centering the door and creating a wide tudor styled archway as the one pictured above (Sans the pocket doors) and putting two sconces on either side of the wall. Parallel to this archway will be the new doorway into the kitchen. Possibly a swinging door.  Photo 2 & 3: I plan on continuing the paneling from the living room into the dining except in the dining, I only plan on taking it about 3/4 up the wall as pictured. I also plan on continuing the same crossed beam detail from the living room ceiling in here. Since I won't start this room until the living room is done, I hope to be pretty handy with the paneling at this point. (I hope)   KITCHEN The kitchen as I mentioned will be a while new add on.  Im going to make my like easy and keep the finishes here simple.     Photo 1: I love this old sink and stove. Im still debating if I want to do a checkered floor as pictured or a large slate slab floor which seems more true to the Tudor-ness of the house.  What do you think? Photo 2: Same Idea as the first photo.  Stay Tuned for my next post: Exterior
  14. Reworked Hutch

    From the album Debra's Orchid

    Reworked the hutch, luckily none of the dishes were lost.  They are a hand-painted set that came in an Ebay lot and they are perfect for this kitchen.  I added more "stuff" since it looked a little bare.   Looks like Edna is baking something... yummy!
  15. IMG-1398.JPG

    From the album Furniture First

    I started the furniture before I decided to build a house. It was so much fun that a friend said I should build a house or a moving van! So here is a loarg room box with everything just cramed in. Enter the Orchid, in progress
  16. DSCF0065.JPG

    From the album Cloudbound

    I removed a section of the exterior wall to add some French doors that open onto the covered porch. 
  17. DSCN7525

    From the album Greenleaf Pierce

    WIPs. This is a Michael's hutch. The top half will become kitchen cabinets. I am painting the interior white and will do the outside in "golden oak" to match the rest of the kitchen. The bottom half is an experiment in making a custom cabinet surround for a 'vintage' pedestal sink. It needs a little more shaping and sanding and will be painted white.
  18. From the album Sugarplum Dollhouse

    Cabinetry painted. I'll do a dark wax wash tomorrow.  I also have to research faux granite and DIY cabinet hardware. Sink is framed out. Going to paperclay it tomorrow.
  19. Farmsink and Faucet

    From the album Sugarplum Dollhouse

    I decided to have another try at the Farm Sink. I used cut Balsa wood, Gesso, Acrylic Paint, and last I'll use the dura Clear Gloss Varnish (which I haven't done the varnish yet). I am so thrilled with the way the sink came out and especially the faucet. I made the faucet from polymer clay, wire, wood dowels, and toothpicks that I have painted a metallic bronze. I just love it. I decided to repaint the hardware on the cabinets to match the faucet.  I hope my sink comes out as shiny as one of the links that were posted for me. if anyone wants more detailed instructions, please feel free to ask. thanks for all of the help this community has offered. 
  20. Suagrplum kitchenette

    From the album Sugarplum Dollhouse

    this is the beginning of a kitchenette I am making for my dollhouse. I don't really know what I'm doing. I'm winging it. As far as scale.....I'm winging that too. The first floor on the sugarplum house is only 6", so I kind of feel that standard 1:12 furnishings are too large. I'm going to scale down all furnishings so I can make it comfy.  I want to extend out a little bar to make two chairs but I'll see how that goes. now for all you professional miniaturist a, remember, I have never done this before. for all newbies, I did this with an sac to knife, ruler, and a packet of Balsa wood in different sizes, purchased at Hobby Lobby, $12.99 with 40% off coupon.  I think I am going to do the cabinets in a distressed olive green with a dark wash on crevices. 
  21. Trailer Kitchen Sink

    From the album Travel Trailer

    This is the first "scratch" piece of furniture that I have ever built.  It is a refrigerator, sink, and cabinets for my travel trailer.  The doors/drawers don't open, but the drawer knobs and refrigerator handle are made from junk jewelry.  The sink basin is a jelly container, and the faucets and spigot are from an odd earring.  It is made from thin plywood. 
  22. Candy

  23. KultureRLKitchen

    From the album Spr2015TripGermany

    RL kitchen inspiration for miniature kitchen in Museum der Alltags Kultur Schloss Waldenbuch.