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  1. PiggyLamp.PNG

    From the album Miniatures "Things" I've made

    My pig lamp....lite my nursery room...I still use it too.  Of course I had to make a replica of it....turned out to be the most difficult thing Ive had to make yet....  
  2. rsz-img-4467.jpg

    From the album Room Box

    I decided to add a little lamp to the room box so It would serve 2 purposes. The roof was a DIY faux verdigris on cardboard. I really wanted to add chatskis on top of the cabinets, but I really want to start the Laurel!
  3. Circus in a Lamp

    From the album Circus in a Lamp

    © ©2018 Greg Snyder

  4. One more option.JPG

    From the album Mini Furniture Rehabs & Builds

    I need your assistance in picking a trim for my Chandelier shade upcycle.   After Carrie's comment on the last pic about contrast, I thought I'd try one more option. I think we might have a winner?... 
  5. Industrial Pendant trim detail.JPG

    From the album Mini Furniture Rehabs & Builds

    This is the trim detail.. Nail Art 3d rectangles and copper tape.... I like this light from this angle.
  6. Industrial Pendant makeover.JPG

    From the album Mini Furniture Rehabs & Builds

    So I'm still on a lighting kick... I bought these cheap plastic lights from China a while ago... They were boring as is, but had good lines. I tried painting them silver with metallic acrylic and a brush... NOT successful!.. So I bought some aluminium spray paint and gave them a good coat. Unfortunately the bumpyness left from the original paint job still shows on this tester lamp. The rest will only be getting spray paint for a smoother finish. I also added some copper tape and some nail art rectangles to the edges before painting, to add a bit of detail to the plain shade and make them seem a bit more chunky and industrial. I added jewelry wire to the inside of the shade to form a simple bulb cage.  I think the 2.0 version would use aluminium flat craft/jewelry wire instead of copper tape. The tape wrinkles due to the shape of the shade and it doesn't look that great in places. Also, I'd like something with a bit more depth.. It's hardly worth the effort because it's so thin it doesn't add much to the overall look. I need something slightly chunkier..
  7. Modern Gustavian Lamp - Painted

    From the album Mini Furniture Rehabs & Builds

    With the base painted.. might need to lighten this up a little with some white wash.. we shall see... it looks darker in the photo.. it's more gray in person. 
  8. From the album Mini Furniture Rehabs & Builds

    So my new thing is modern Gustavian inspired minis.. so I made myself a lamp... The turning beside it is a tester paint job I did to see if I could get a good aged grey wood colour that you see so much of in this style. I like it.. might need a little bit of white stippled on for highlighting. I drilled a hole in a houseworks turning for the base & The structure to hold the lamp up is a nylon washer and two clear plastic fastener backs. The shade is printed linen over cardstock. The print is much softer in real life.. not sure why so dark here... I think I need to adjust the fabric too.. because I see that my laurel wreath is wonky.. lol
  9. Modern Gustavian Inspired Lamp.JPG

    From the album Mini Furniture Rehabs & Builds

    And the Lamp lit. Pretty happy with it... now it just needs a paint job to really have that aged Swedish grey look. The shade is printed linen fabric over cardstock.. the image is much softer in real life... not sure why it is showing up so black in photos.. 
  10. For Miranda (SewMini)

    From the album Mini Furniture Rehabs & Builds

    Here is a picture of the clip on earring back light bulb holder for Miranda (SewMini).    
  11. Modern Lamp.JPG

    From the album Mini Furniture Rehabs & Builds

    I made this lamp today. Honestly, I'm just procrastinating about getting out the mini table saw. I have some cutting to do on the San Franciscan basement! So I just made this out of a bead I had on hand, a raised washer for the base, a jewelry pin, a clip on earring back and card. The shade is a bit large but that's to cover the flame bulb I used because it was the only one I had on hand. I need to replenish my stash of wired light bulbs. I think I may paint this yet. Probably white, like everything I do.. or maybe in a simulated wood finish because of the basket weave bead.      
  12. Lamp innards

    From the album Mini Furniture Rehabs & Builds

    Here is a picture of the clip on earring back light bulb & shade holder for Miranda (SewMini). Jewelry pin through the middle hole. Light bulb wire through any of the others.  The shade fits snugly onto the earring back, holding it in place.  The holes in the earring back allow light to come out of the bottom of the lamp as well as the top.    
  13. Gas lamp

    From the album Unicorn Emporium

    On the left is the inspiration picture. On the right is my mini version made with parts of an eye dropper bottle, jewelry findings and Fimo.