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  1. Dollhouse Bases

    Howdy everyone! I've been especially quiet on here lately (mostly lurking ) on account of work and family changes in RL. My Orchid is near structural completion. The interior is ready for furniture and tiny, lovely things, but I'm still working on the porch (bashed from a few scraps and some constructions of my own) and some of the gingerbread. Of course, this progress story excludes shingles, but I'll get to them! So, in short, though my member album is currently empty I hope to have photos up soon! I've been stubborn and wanted to wait until the build was "ready" before taking photos . I'm learning (the hard way) there's no such thing! However, in order to get this exterior finished (including my greenhouse and 'cellar' additions), I need a little help! What do y'all use for bases on your lovely little homes? Do folks normally use plywood or some form of foam? How far out beyond the house's foundation do folks generally build the base? In order to support the additions, I think it would be best to have my base in place before I attach them to the sides of the house (unless, of course, you all don't feel it's necessary). Also, is there any particular base that is better/worse for landscaping? Happy to hear your thoughts or be guided to a helpful thread  Hope everyone is having a pleasant summer so far! 
  2. The wiring for my dollhouse runs along the edges of the dollhouse and over to a powers-strip on the side. First of all, what kind of moulding can I use to cover the wires to finish the outside edges. And secondly, what kind of camouflage or structures have you used to hide the power-strip? Any ideas that worked for you would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. The San Franciscan's Tree.JPG

    From the album First Dollhouse DC San Franciscan SF557

    I switched from working on the basement to working on tree foliage today. I recently raided my local Spotlight (for US readers, think cheap homewares/fabric/craft store combined). I found some plastic foliage sprays that I thought might be kind of in scale for leaves for the San Franciscan tree. I deconstructed the sprays into "branches" of leaves. They were overly forest green so I sprayed them with some more subtle shades before testing them out on the tree. More work needed by I think they might be satisfactory in the end. The tenant is trying to catch/tease Skittle the Squirrel.... but he's to speedy for that caper.  
  4. From the album First Dollhouse DC San Franciscan SF557

    Here is the bark detail I've created with air dry clay.. this is supposed to be a bit of a gnarly old tree. The clay cracked a bit, but I'm using that to my advantage. I'm not overly happy with the paint job.. I think I'll tone down the grey to a muddier tone and use a different colour to highlight.. but which colour is the million dollar question... . I do want to try and add a bit of grey lichen growth though.. not sure how to achieve that.... hmmm.. need to put my thinking cap on.     
  5. From the album First Dollhouse DC San Franciscan SF557

    Today I got my tree trunk painted... Yes, it's huge!  I am going to trim the canopy a bit before installation but I do like a large canopy on a tree. You can see more detailed pictures over on my blog.