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  1. Dolls House wiring and instructions

    Dolls House wiring specialist from Small world Products   Wiring a Doll’s House here is some information you might like to look at, it all works around our SWP Easy-Wire system wiring a Dolls House 1/12th or 1/24th Have you check out our YouTube channel There is a lot of information on our Doll's House wiring for Lighting / Fires page And if you need any help here is the link for you By the way we send all over the world There are lots more on
  2. Victorian Farmhouse

    Working through papaer choices and the lights. This is, I believe, The bellingham farmhouse.
  3. CJN Miniatures in Edmonds, WA recently moved to a new store at 23030 Hwy 99. It is a yellow 2-story building between Les Schwab & Public Storage. They not only have everything you need for a dollhouse, but also dolls, collectibles & antiques now. They offer consignment at 30% and have many artisan and older items in stock. Visit them at   CONSIGNMENT AGREEMENT-1.docx
  4. Hi everyone,  I am currently building a doll house and I've just bought a set of small christmas lights and a plastic chandelier with a single glass bulb inside. My problem is, i'm making this as a part of a school assessment to be marked and glass is not allowed. Does anyone know if i could possibly use glue to seal and protect the light globes while making them appear as plastic? Or are there possible alternatives to glass lighting? Any help would be wonderful - I am perfectly fine with flouting these marking guidelines (they are in place for safety for the markers but I'm not sure how a 1cm long broken lightbulb could do much harm). I can post photos if necessary =)
  5. I'm having a terrible time getting my lighting to stick to the walls and ceilings of my house. What do you all use to stick your lights up? 
  6. From the album Mini Furniture Rehabs & Builds

    So I'm still on a lighting kick... I bought these cheap plastic lights from China a while ago... They were boring as is, but had good lines. I tried painting them silver with metallic acrylic and a brush... NOT successful!.. So I bought some aluminium spray paint and gave them a good coat. Unfortunately the bumpyness left from the original paint job still shows on this tester lamp. The rest will only be getting spray paint for a smoother finish. I also added some copper tape and some nail art rectangles to the edges before painting, to add a bit of detail to the plain shade and make them seem a bit more chunky and industrial. I added jewelry wire to the inside of the shade to form a simple bulb cage.  Sorry for the poor quality image of the makeover.. I resized this picture down quite a bit to match the size of the light in original form and it became very pixellated..   
  7. Lamp innards

    From the album Mini Furniture Rehabs & Builds

    Here is a picture of the clip on earring back light bulb & shade holder for Miranda (SewMini). Jewelry pin through the middle hole. Light bulb wire through any of the others.  The shade fits snugly onto the earring back, holding it in place.  The holes in the earring back allow light to come out of the bottom of the lamp as well as the top.    
  8. Modern Wire Ball Light Fixture

    From the album Mini Furniture Rehabs & Builds

    A modern light fixture made with a simple ball pendant fixture I had in my stash and a wire ball from the local "Choice" store (Australian version of the dollar store, though hardly anything is a dollar.  ). All painted with Rustoleum Satin Nickel spray paint
  9. IMG_2150.JPG

    From the album First Dollhouse DC San Franciscan SF557

    There will be black coach lights on both porches
  10. Can we talk about round wiring?

    So, I need to add at least two lights to the current build. One will be an outdoor light that goes on the wall over the center of the door, and the other will be a wall sconce in the bathroom. I hate to sound dense, but other than using a false wall on the interiors, how do I hide the wire? Both lights will have a hole drilled in the wall, with the wire fed through to the other side of the wall. I may use LED/battery powered lights for the rest of the rooms, so I'm not sure that I need to wire the whole house. Planning to use small battery packs (hidden in furniture) for the two lights in question.   Any thoughts? Suggestions?
  11. Here's a great site in the Netherlands showing her lights, with instructions for how she made them. Under workshops in the left sidebar, she has more workshops to make other accessories.
  12. Battery Operated Lights

    From the album Country House - Album 2

    This is what the house looks like when my real life lights are shut, and my battery operated dollhouse lights are on. As you can tell, I can use a bit more lights, but I think it looks cozy, none-the-less.
  13. Working Pendant Lights

    From the album New Furniture on Etsy

  14. Tree Lighting

    From the album Country House - Renovated

    Since my house isn't electrified, I never thought I would be able to have regular lights, let alone lights on a Christmas tree. Thanks to battery operated miniature lights, however, I fortunately am able to have both. The lights on this tree are a battery-operated necklace sold at Target. The chain was a gift from the girls' friend Angi.
  15. All is Calm, All is Bright

    From the album Country House - Renovated

    The lights on this little tree are bright but add a peaceful effect at night.
  16. Shop Lights

    From the album Little Shop of Horrors

    I found these lights at one of my distributors. I just got lucky that they are already green. I am going to add two to the front and one over the back door.

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  17. Entrance porch

    From the album Spring Fling 2012

    The entrance porch at night.

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