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  1. I'm sure all of you experienced people know this technique but I ran across this video tutorial on how to tie a tiny bow around a fork, and though it might be useful for those of us that had no idea about it    
  2. Dawn in the Fairy Forest.JPG

    From the album Mini Paintings

    A new painting. I tried this one on watercolour paper, which I like the texture of, but it's no fun to paint acrylics on.. lol.. Maybe I just have to get used to it.  In this picture the morning rays through the trees look a little over done. In RL they are much more subtle.. I wonder why the camera does that.
  3. Barn Paintings.JPG

    From the album Mini Paintings

    I tried a couple of smaller barn paintings.. I seem to have a thing for red barns.. lol I'm trying to improve my perspective.. It's quite hard to get it right.. more work to do.   Oh and I need to find a suitable cloud brush for mini work.. nothing I have at the moment works very well.. May have to cut down something.  I also need to take a trip to the art store for paint.. one of the biggest challenges so far has been not having or being able to mix the right colour.
  4. Lighthouse.JPG

    From the album Mini Paintings

    Painted a lighthouse. Really enjoyed this one, though it fought me all the way to the end. I had to stop several times and come back to it.. I lost my mini painting mojo for a minute there... Managed to salvage it though, I think..... still haven't cleaned my house!... Cleaning today.. no painting.  
  5. From the album Mini Paintings

    I was fascinated by @Deb's mini paintings so decided to give it a go following her suggestion to follow an online tutorial by "Painting with Jane". I chose her winter cabin painting to do first. This is the link to her tutorial, where you can see her original. OMG, can I just say, so fun and so addictive. I have zero painting skill and I think this came out pretty good...  Seriously, anyone could do this.
  6. Winter Cardinal.JPG

    From the album Mini Paintings

    Decided to give a Cardinal a try... This one is an impressionistic miniature of one by "The Frugal Crafter" Cant. stop. mini. painting!... Need to clean my house!
  7. Barn by the Road.JPG

    From the album Mini Paintings

    Back to barns.. at least it's not red this time... I moved away from Jane Font today and tried out another artist, Kevin Hill.. He doesn't give much instruction... his videos last about 15-20mins when Janes are over an hour.. But I just muddled through and tried to copy his technique.. This painting is meant to be done in oils.. but I just went for it with acrylics.. I really need to get better brushes and paint.. it would make life so much easier.. still having fun though.  
  8. Beach Fire.JPG

    From the album Mini Paintings

    Decided to stay away from barns and try something different.   Lesson learnt from this painting.. fire is hard to paint. 
  9. Save My Minis

    From the album Miscellaneous Minis

    I saw this posted on Facebook and had to share. Enjoy!!

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