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  1. As I make mini items for myself, I am also making extra to put in my new Etsy Shop if anyone is interested. Just click the miniature section.
  2. Hello my name is Sarah and I make 12th scale miniature food from polymer clay. My website is Please have a look I have some new St Patrick's Day themed miniatures and I am about to start work on my Easter Collection.
  3. Get your motor running....

    A friend of mine has recently been pushing me to finally get out all the fimo I bought last year, and finally sculpt for Tilly, my baker, and Nettle, who is not specifically food oriented but will definitely need plants, and the occasional Tudor meal. I will crumble as soon as I find the time. And of course Nettle is in need of that Glencroft.. or rather is in need of it not being in a flat box... Consider this a warning.