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  1. Hello everybody! My name is Oksana, im miniature artist from Ukraine. I make 1:12 and 1:6 scale miniature food for dollhouses. I hope you will like it. More you can see here
  2. Ardela By Wolfie - What to wear

    From the album My Sherri Colvin Doll, and other Beauties

    We have some new people in town! Miss Ardela has arrived, all the way from her home in Montana. Designed by Gina, she is a Lone Wolf Mini Creations Doll. She has a date tonight.

    © checkmouse

  3. Hi All!   I have some items I need to move as I get ready for show season. I have about 60 items marked down 30%. There is a lot of JBM furniture as it is onesies and twosies that are left in my inventory. The furniture has FREE shipping. This is all I have of these items. Once they are sold I will not be buying more. In cases like the JBM, there are no more. PM me with any questions and I hope all is well with everyone.   Go to my "All About Miniatures" store and click on "Closeouts."                    
  4. All Done

    From the album The Appleby Cottage

    The construction part is finished. Now I can bring it into the house and start filling it up with the fun stuff.

    © Checkmouse

  5. Upper Left Bedroom

    From the album The Appleby Cottage

    Finally coming in on the home stretch. The ceiling moulding held me up for awhile because I had to order more - then wait for it. This will be the little girl's room.

    © Checkmouse

  6. Upper Right Room

    From the album The Appleby Cottage

    This will be Momma's room. (haven't found a daddy doll so I guess he'll just have to on a trip.)

    © CheckMouse

  7. NAME Gazette Write-up

    From the album Museum of Miniatures

    I was delighted to see the write-up of my beloved Owen Wolffe and his Museum of Miniatures in the Miniature Gazette magazine, published by NAME. Vol 43, No. 5 May/June 2015

    © Checkmouse

  8. Mouse House 2

    From the album Chocolate Mouse House

    a tree to get decorated, and presents to wrap! It was exhausting - as noted by the little girl who fell asleep while wrapping the gifts!

    © Checkmouse

  9. My Finds - June 6, 2015

    From the album My Latest Mini Finds

    Another day of playing "American Pickers," dollhouse style. I went to my favorite hidden "honey hole" and bundled. More great finds at an awesome bargain. She still wouldn't sell me the two kits that I want for ME ("The Old Granville House" from It's a Wonderful Life and "The Stratford Inn" from The Bob Newhart Show). However, I think I am wearing her down.   I will finish the hotel and at least one or two of the stores.

    © ©2015 Greg Snyder

  10. Arm chair & foot stool

    From the album First attempt creating miniatures

    My first attempt of a chair and matching foot stool following instruction from
  11. Mondern Couch

    From the album First attempt creating miniatures

    I love this piece, I wanted to make a mondern looking sofa and followed a simple tutorial from pinterest
  12. Arm chair & foot stool

    From the album First attempt creating miniatures

    My first attempt of a chair and matching foot stool following instruction from   The feet are beads from hobby craft.
  13. First attempt at a bed

    From the album First attempt creating miniatures

    The head board and base materials are made from on an old pair of linen trousers. This was my first attempt at sewing following online tutorials.
  14. First attempt at a bed

    From the album First attempt creating miniatures

    I could not find an online tutorial for this kind of bed so I worked out the 1:12 measurements and created templates.
  15. Hi All !!   I have exciting news. I have reached a partnership agreement with JBM Miniature Furniture. I am now the JBM distributor for all of North America. All JBM orders, wholesale and retail, will now be shipped from Indiana. Invoicing will be improved, delivery time will be improved and available inventory will be improved.    The inventory is in transit and it will be all setup and ready to go Memorial Day weekend. I have spent the past several weeks working on system improvements, advertising and online store setup. I have also committed to several shows, so you will now be able to purchase JBM Miniature Furniture (and my other items) in person at some of your favorite shows. These include: Dayton -- August 15-16 Aztec Wholesale Show -- August 22-24 Orlando Miniaturia (new show) -- September 4-6 Indianapolis -- September 18-19 (pending) Louisville -- October 24 Philadelphia Miniaturia -- November 6-8 Chicago Wee 'c' -- November 13-14 Chicago in 2016 others TBA Those of you that know me know that this is a huge change from my normal three shows per year plan.    I am still working on my All About Miniatures website, but have had to put it on the back burner (again) as I am opening an Amazon store first. The Amazon store opening will be June 1.   More news to follow as dates draw closer. I may be buying another miniature business next weekend as I dive deeper into this.   Thank you to those who supported me as I mulled over this decision.
  16. Ivory Casket.

    From the album Miniature boxes

    1/12th Ivory Casket made using recycled preban ivory ( in this case piano keys ) this is really still a wip as theres still plenty of work which is required to complete including something special for the inside.

    © AJH

  17. robots close up

  18. Megatron

  19. The St Louis dollhouse and Miniature show will be October 17,18,19 2014 at the Stratford Inn 800 South outer road, Fenton Mo The show will be Fri 4-9 sat 10-4 Sun 10-3 We will have workshops, Exhibits by the Gateway Miniature Museum, Drawings and a kids workshop table. Please come join us for a fun mini time For more information teresa zwiener 314-277-2601
  20. Back To The Orchid

    Sunday 4/26/15 It's been over a year since I've really thought about working with my miniatures or my Orchid. My mother passed away on 4/4/15 after a long battle with Congestive Heart Failure. She would ask me once in a while "How's your doll house coming?" and would ooh and ahh over my ideas and when I showed her some little things I had tucked away for when I could build. I never had time for me, taking care of her so I would just answer, "I'll work on it soon." The time has come now that I can work on it and I'll be thinking of my mother as I build this. So yesterday I took out the box and began to work on the Orchid. Since this is my first build, I'm building it as directed so that I can learn the basic set up. I was able to cut out the windows using this a DeWALT folding retractable utility knife. I did struggle on some of the cutting as the windows were not popping out. But I got them out. There were some areas that had split and some pieces were missing little areas of wood so first I glued the areas that needed it with gorilla glue and C clamped them and let them dry. Then I filled in the missing areas with some wood putty and patching plaster. Those are drying now and when they're dried I'll sand them. I'm still reading the forums on how others built their Orchid and I'm still tossing ideas around. The story that this Orchid is telling is of a woman that has lost a child and many other in her life and is now alone and has delved deep into spiritualism and the occult in her efforts to contact the other side. Morbid for some I suppose but for me, it's what this Orchid is going to become.
  21. For those of you within a couple of hours of Cincinnati -- they have a miniature show on April 11 & 12. I wasn't going to go as Chicago is the following weekend, but decided to get two tables and give it a shot. The link and flyer for the show are below. There should be around 25 dealers there (from what is listed on their website).   Forum members get a deal at my tables (All About Miniatures) be sure to come say hello!!