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  1. Today I finally began. First I tested all the lights with a brand new light bar and happily most of the installed lamps, sconces and chandeliers worked. So they stay. The dead ones I took out. The old light bar was corroded too. I removed anything loose - doors and their frames, interior window frames, and even the entire staircase. It came out in one piece which took some care but I do not like that set of stairs and will buy one that descends into the room which is now huge and spacious. The thick glue on the joins makes me think the builder used a glue gun for some of it. The beautiful door hinges were glued on and the door wouldn't close. The main floor (not the kitchen though) is papered and removing it is proving to be really hard. Vinegar, warm water, gentle peel, and scrape. It's tedious and not very successful. So I'm wondering about sticking painted or papered cardstock over the paper. I want to remove all the white ornate roof decor - is that a good idea? I just find it a bit cartoonish. The floors and ceilings are all the plain wood with a thin coat of what looks like varnish. Any suggestions re simple floor treatments are welcome. There is quite a bit of glue (thick) showing in the wall joins. Should I just put molding over those? I'm seriously considering stucco on the outside to hide the scrapes and gaps and because I don't want to take all the frames off to add the siding.  No question - taking it apart is satisfying and good for my newbie confidence. But it's the first time I've been this close to a Greenleaf Dollhouse and I'm wondering how to camouflage or cover all those gaps between the walls and ceilings. Big job! Thanks for any suggestions!