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  1. Construcrion advice

    Hi. everyone! I'm a newbie in doll house construction I had problems with making furniture, so my husband bought me a doweling jig (don't know how to attach the image properly) He's sure I can use it, as it's helpful in his workshop   Has anyone any experience using it? If not, maybe you like the idea
  2. UK newbie

    Hi I live in Yorkshire in the UK. I'm hoping to do some basic refurbishment on my old Lundby dollshouse (1960s vintage). After that I want to build a Cotswold thatched cottage, based on one in a series of books by Miss Read.  I was wondering if there were any really good basic beginner books please?  I love sewing and knitting and one of the things I'm really looking forward to is making miniature textiles for both houses, given the era I think my Lundby needs a crochet afgan throw! I'm hoping to make rugs (started a French knot kit), patchwork quilts, cushions etc for the cottage.  I am restricted energy wise as I have ME/chronic fatigue which limits things a lot, so both projects will be very slow. 
  3. Hello Everyone!

    Good morning, not sure I am putting this in the right place or the right way but here goes. I got addicted to minis eons ago drooling over pictures in a Miles Kimball catalog. My dad finally built me a little shadow box thinking that would cure me not! That was followed by a Pepperwood Farm. I have 4 'completed' (nothing is ever really finished is it?) and several Greenleaf kits that will be bashed one day into a village. 
  4. Hi everyone, I have just started my very first dollhouse for my two daughters.  It is the Fairfield Dollhouse 1/2 size. I'm so excited that I want to rush in and I know I need to be more patient!   A question I have is that I have read people use hot guns to glue the wooden pieces together but others use Aleene's tacky glue. Which one is better? It seems I'm making a bit of a mess with the glue gun... so I'm wondering if tacky glue is smoother and easier to manage? Thanks for your advice! Libby
  5. Newbie!

    Just wanted to introduce myself here! When I was 10, I got a Willowcrest Kit for Christmas. My dad was supposed to help me put it together... It is still in the box almost 30 years later. I’m looking forward to putting it together with my daughters. We’re going for a subtly haunted look. 
  6. Hello and help!! Lol, not lol...I'm completely overwhelmed!! I inherited about 500 different miniature houses or rooms, hardly any furniture, lots of handmade really cool stuff, different scales...I don't know what to do or where to start. I began cataloguing about a year ago, and was so overwhelmed with the quantity and variety that I tapped out. I have tried to figure out what my Mom's plans were , but we dont see what she did. Help, ideas, advice, guidance needed and appreciated. I have some REALLY interesting items, with amazing detail and can only imagine what she had in store.
  7. My First Dollhouse!

    Hi! I'm Sofia (24, from Washington State) and for my birthday today my mom got me my first dollhouse (a Greenleaf Corona Orchird). When I was younger, I loved playing with dollhouses, and now I'm really excited to try and build (and decorate!) my own! I would love any advice from veterans on how to make detailed and realistic houses! I'm so glad to have found a communitty dedicated to this endeavor!   -MiniatureSofia
  8. Another Newbie

    Hi from Murrieta, California. I just received my “Lily” dollhouse for Christmas.  I have absolutely no experience, but in the meantime am quite excited. I have tried watching some YouTube videos, hoping for ideas.  But they all just seem to skim through things. I read on the directions how you should work one sheet at a time and not pop pieces out until you get to that sheet. And then see a video with all pieces out and spread around. I would appreciate any tips you can share, especially if you have worked on the Lily!  Thank you Karen
  9. The Spooky Fairfield Endeavor

    Hey everyone! I am new to dollhouses and miniatures (and this site). I have already posted in the welcome/introductory forum, but I know I will have a bunch of questions, so I thought I would start my own thread here. I have been reading and researching non-stop about the Fairfield, and how everyone has done it. I have read so many blogs, and forums, and looked at pictures until my eyes felt like they were going to bleed. I think what overwhelms me so much is how everyone is just like, "there are so many ways to do it, just do whatever you want!". That is not how I operate lol. I like to know exactly what I need to do at what time to get the best results. I don't like experimenting and "trying as I go" so this is going to be tricky for me.  Anyways, I digress. I have already started putting together my dry fit, to try and figure out which wallpaper I want in which rooms, etc. I don't plan to "bash" this kit as I'm already overwhelmed enough, but there are a few cosmetic things I know I'd like to do to make her a little prettier. I do not have a miniature store near me, so shopping in person is out of the question. I have gone to a few sites suggested in many of these posts, but I am finding that each of these stores seem to only offer a couple of things. None of them have all the things I think I need. So, in order to try and simplify this process, and not spend a million dollars in shipping from 5 different stores, I was wondering if anyone could recommend an online store that has a very large selection and may carry all (or most) of these items.  So far, what I am looking for (in 1:24 scale): - brick paper  - siding sheets - interior doors - baseboards and moulding - stair handrails, spindles, and newel posts - beadboard - ceiling carvings / textured ceiling paper For example, has the staircase items, doors, and the brick paper, but none of the other stuff Thank you so much for your help!
  10. Greetings!

    Hello, fellow forum members - My first exposure to Greenleaf was the Harrison that my mother built for her grandchildren in the early 80s. It was well loved by our families and most of the neighbor children. The dollhouse traveled a bit and was given first to my niece and then my eldest daughter, whose five year old daughter is attached to it at the hip. When my newest grand daughter was born last year her mother said, "Great! Now it's OUR turn for the dollhouse!" To forestall the inevitable battle (ever tried to pry a five year old from her favorite toy on the planet?) I decided to make a new dollhouse for the other set of grandbabies. I  joined the woodshop in my retirement community, found the best mentor on the planet, and dived in. It's been twenty years since I tackled a doll house but it's been a joy. I'll share pics soon - promise!
  11. Hello from Iowa!

    Hello,  I am fairly new to minis, but have always had an affinity for interior design. My husband & I have flipped/restored a few homes, so working on a tiny version has been a nice little adventure. I have an antique dollhouse my grandpa built my mother that I have been WAY too terrified to touch, but just recently found a Newburg for $3 at a thrift shop. I figured for less than I spend on my coffee I wouldn't be too upset if the whole thing was a wash.  It's been fine so far. Lots of prep work & research into building some miniature items to fit the space better. I currently have an attempt at some kitchen cabinets gluing in our dining room Thank you in advance to everyone who helps me along the way!
  12. Newbie in MA!

    I am a total newbie working on a Beacon Hill.. i am a slow worker but loving every minute. I’m planning to turn it into a Haunted House with a Harry Potter inspired style. I know it is ambitious, but I am attempting to customize the staircase because I simply despise the cookie cutter look of the trim that comes with the kit. I’m sure I will have lots of questions as I progress.. any advice/support is greatly appreciated! I am obsessing over everyone else’s beautiful creations and hoping my skills are up to par one day ❤️
  13. Hi,  I'm Melanie. I was given this massive dollhouse from a friend, and I'm so pumped to start working on it. I have two little girls and I'm hoping to have it up and running in a few years (right now they are 2 and 2 mos). Evidently the dollhouse is my friends' great grandmothers and was brought over from Europe. It has water damage, missing pieces, warped roof, lead paint probably, but I'm still super pumped to do what I can and make it functioning (but not a masterpiece) for my kids. Would love to show everyone, but I guess I need to do 5 posts before I can ask for advice?
  14. I bought an fh505 for $30 from Craigslist about 2 years ago. I love making miniatures and finally have time to build the house.  This is my first build and I am having a little bit of issue with construction. I have read the instructions many times over, and I've examined the pictures, but I'm still not sure I'm assembling it correctly.  I don't want to mess it up. Does anyone happen to have any pictures of their progress AS they are building? Im a visual person and hope if I can see the way someone else is doing it, it might help me to figure out if I'm doing this correctly. Thanks in advance!
  15. Hello from Canada - My husband gave me an unfinished doll house 10 years ago and my excuse for not working on it has always been 'just too busy at work'. Now I am no longer working and bored silly so it has come down to working on this doll house which came with zero instructions. Don't get me wrong, I am excited to start working on this but I have no idea what to do first.  The house is put together so it is the finishing and decorating I need to complete. It hasn't been under cover so it is a little dusty and will require some clean up.  I should add I am creatively challenged but I am open to learning.  On the positive side, I am project driven and pretty determined to complete this one.  This house is a little unique with two front entrances, one leading into a single room with a bay window and the adjacent entrance leads to a stairway going upstairs. It is three stories, the roof lifts up and the front opens out.   I thought the downstairs with the bay window could be a shop of some sort and the upstairs could be a living area for a small family - no pun intended.  Also, I have a 3 year old grand daughter and I would like this house to be friendly to her under supervision, of course. Lastly, back to the not working so limited income for now so would like this project to be cash friendly.  I am looking forward to getting started and thought being part of this forum would be a good first step. Lastly, I don't know the maker of this doll house. I think knowing that could be helpful.  I haven't been able to find any pics on pintrest of similar houses.   
  16. Hello! I've only perused this forum a couple of times, but my mom and I both adore miniatures. We worked on a house when I was a kid, but unfortunately, we were both utterly hopeless at decorating the interior. Recently, we've come into possession of another very large, very beautiful, mostly finished Hofco house. I love looking at others' work, and am actually hoping to find someone in our state to potentially hire to assist us with the process of finishing the interior of our house, and was wondering what the appropriate section in the forum to post that sort of thing might be? Of course, if this forum doesn't allow that, I will absolutely refrain from bringing it up again. I'm looking forward to seeing the work of lots of talented miniaturists and dollhouse artists either way. 
  17. Hi there!  I'm new to the world of miniatures, and building a house for my niece. Greenleaf Orchid seemed like a good first-timer house. So far, I'm completely obsessed, and love working on it.  The only thing I'm struggling with is trying to find a faster way to sand all the parts.  I've been looking at pen sanders, Dremels, and I'm not sure what's right for me.  Any pointers? Thanks to all! 
  18. Hello!  After a lifetime of fascination with miniatures, I finally decided on my first true kit. I'd built a dollhouse in childhood, but nothing as complex as this. I chose the Glencroft based on size and style, and look forward to the challenge of getting it together, then the pleasure of choosing the finishings, furniture, etc. My plan is to make from scratch as much of the interior as I can (another reason for choosing a cottage instead of a more formal Victorian style).  I am excited to have this forum, as I can see from a quick look that there is tons of information and experience here! Cheers
  19. Hello, I'm new to the dollhouse building world. I do have a few furniture and just bought a mini table saw for hobby building. I was going to complete a dollhouse that someone else started but decided to build my own. I purchased the RGT painted Lady and hope to build a house for my daughter that will be ready by Christmas hopefully.  Here in El Paso all we have is Hobby Lobby so I will most likely be making some custom made pieces. I do get overwhelmed easily but I really want to finish this project.  
  20. Orchid Dollhouse

    Hi My name is Linda. I live in Hesperia, CA (San Bernardino). This is my first dollhouse... the ORCHID. My daughter gave it to me for a Christmas present three years ago. I was so overwhelmed (after reading the directions) I couldn't even begin building. Also, I didn't have the space for such a project... so the dollhouse was put on hold until two years later when I moved into a two-bedroom and set up shop! The two years prior to setting up shop was not wasted... I spent that time reading blogs, watching videos, scrolling through Pinterest... educating myself on tips and tools needed to complete my dollhouse. The time was also spent purchasing ALL the furnishings needed to make the dollhouse a home! The first purchase was the China dishes! The first "COULD NOT BELIEVE" find was the full-size mattress with satin pillows! My first DIY project was making nail polish bottles and lipstick for the bedroom vanity, and my first "kit bashing" was eliminating ALL three dormers and converting to an attic bedroom! My first mistake was priming before removing the pieces.. I couldn't remove them after priming so I had to buy me another dollhouse.  I am now hooked!!  
  21. Newbie from Oz

    Hi All, Just wanted to introduce myself. New member here.  So I've been lurking about for a while but didn't join because I'm building a non-Greenleaf  dollhouse. But then I noticed the Dura-craft section.  I bought a Dura-craft San Franciscan 557 on Ebay... haha.. where else! It's my first house and I'm already totally obsessed. I really wanted a Greenleaf Garfield but I thought I might be biting off more than I can chew given my current skill set.... Might of bitten off more than I can chew with the SF 557 too! I'm totally inspired by all of your builds.. the gallery is a wonderful resource.
  22. Hey all. So, I know there was a few people in the forums when I just googled 'willowcrest building instructions', and then I signed up and can't find those same threads. I inherited the willowcrest kit (bought in 1990) when my mother in law passed.  But, there are no instructions in the box. Does anyone have an electronic copy they could email me? Pretty please??  Thanks in advance. 
  23. Hi Everyone,  I'm new here, just introduced myself to the forum last week.  I finally grabbed a couple pics of the dollhouse that has started me down this path. I found it at the Salvation Army and walked by it a few times, but couldn't leave it there. For $9.99 I think I got a pretty good deal, even though there is quite a bit of repair to be done.  I'm a mom to 3 little girls, so I am planning to make this a Christmas gift for them - I'll furnish it simply to start and upgrade as the girls get older and can manage more delicate pieces.  I have no idea what kind of dollhouse it might be - I suspect from the copyright on the wallpaper it was built in the eighties. I was thinking it was likely from plans, not a kit, since it is sooo very heavy!  Anyway - if anyone has any thought on the origins I'd love to hear what you think. 
  24. Hello! I'm new to here and to the hobby as the title states. I have only a tiny bit of experience making dioramas, but I want to work on dollhouses as well. I'm like so new I hardly know what forums and places to talk to people and learn, and I found this place through google so I figured it was a good place to start.  A bit about me: I do like making things in general. I make props and costumes, paint, and have some sculpting experience. I do not know much about woodworking and the tools needed (ex, I would like to use craft plywood but the scroll saws kinda scare me). But I'm always ready to learn and in the meantime will focus on working with kits. If any of you have tips or advice, it's very welcome, thanks. <3
  25. Hello!

    Hi! My name is Jane and I've fallen in love with miniatures. Last year I started by entering the Undersized Urbanite contest and won in the novice category. Since then I've just been making things! I love it. I'm entering the creating contest this year (deadlines keep me realistic)   you can view my work at