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  1. So I decided to start building my Newport today. I've had it for about a year or so. I got it off of ebay for about half the price =) It comes with a bunch of wallpaper as well which is a nice bonus.  Got the first floor of the shell done. =) My nephew helped with the bay part as I have trouble with those darn pieces they fit into. They look the same to me =p  ash
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  3. Newport Reading nook

    From the album The Newport 2019

    Well, the reading nook for the Newport is finally finished! 
  4. A miniature lady I know built me this custom house. Well, it's the RGT Queen Anne and the Newport bashed together with a ton of custom alterations.  Walls taken down, windows replaced with doors, balconies extending all around, etc.  I know there are a few weird things that don't match (especially the Newport side of roof needing to be peaked or something), but I love it. It's so fun.  Just picked it up yesterday, so there are no accessories yet and I only just started playing with furniture, but here are pics if anyone is curious. It's giant!!!  I realize it's bigger than most people's taste. Lol. It's 90x36x38. Oops. Will post pics in just a minute.  Have to switch devices. 
  5. two Craigslist finds....fingers crossed

    After having to take time off from minis due to work (and life) I am anxious to start back.  I was on Craig's List looking for a swimming pool slide, when I came across two dollhouses.  The first is only about five miles from me, it's a San Franciscan (I'm pretty sure, not 100% sure of model) for $100.  The other I believe is a Newport, comes with furniture, and is $225.  I am attaching seriously considering buying both houses.  I have the room, and I prefer rehabbing to building.  My 40th birthday is Monday, so I may have found my gifts (to myself)  If anyone can confirm/correct my model names (neither owner was sure of the model), or if the picture shows some kind of glaring problem I've missed, please let me know!