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  1. Hi everyone, Hope all enjoyed their holiday and having some time to work on minis! I'm working on a Duracraft Heritage. The directions recommend using a good oil based paint on the siding. Which led me to ponder as most paints in my garage are not oil based... Do they recommend oil based paint because other paints would cause swelling, like water based glue may be noted to do? I'm interested in the general consensus of the subject matter experts in this forum. To oil base paint or not? Doth it matter? Or are there no issues painting with acrylic, craft or other types of paint? I ask because I have many Sherwin Williams cans of left over paint and they are not oil based. Thank you and Happy New Year! Christie
  2. Liquid Chrome Label

    From the album Greenleaf Travel Trailer

    Here is the label. It's made by a company called "Molotow" The trick with it is to apply it almost to where it runs. Then don't touch it for a few days.
  3. Liquid Chrome Paint

    From the album Greenleaf Travel Trailer

    This is the Chrome paint I used. It truly works!
  4. Hello Everyone,  This is my first dollhouse restoration and so glad to have found this site.  I researched prior to buying and read for your first one, you should start small, a room box or small home.  Well, I came across this large grand old farmhouse needing to be completed, one look and I was smitten; I bought the Farm.  I have not seen any other one like it, nor when searching S/W Crafts does anything come up.  If there is anyone that knows about this company and history I would be thrilled to know.  The home I now own is S/W Crafts, Inc Country Estate Doll house.   I have the original build instructions which looks a bit vintage and the lady I purchased it from, her Father-in-law built it with the intention of her finishing. Well obviously that never happened because it had been in storage for quite a few years and is in fairy good shape, just needs lots of TLC. Thanks for reading!  G     
  5. Hi All! I’m a newbie when it comes to finishing miniature furniture. I have a lovely unfinished chair that has some carved detail and I’d like to repaint it gold, bronze, or dark brown and reupholster it. Can anyone recommend a brand and color of gold paint? In general, what are your favorite paint types and brands to use when painting miniature furniture? Do you prime the wood before painting? If so, what do you use.  Thanks in advance for your help! Sylvia  
  6. Clapboard Siding Misery!

    Hello everyone! I'm new at this stuff, but I've been reading this forum for months and I've learned so much from you all.  Finally realized I should register. I'm hoping you can advise me on one issue... I'm attempting to renovate a large 1970's dollhouse that originally had no siding.  Very carefully I glued on clapboard siding (the kind that comes in overlapping wooden sheets) using Beacon Quik-Grip.  After letting each side dry overnight, weighted down and taped, I began to paint it with Kilz primer and regular latex house paint.  And then... horrors!  The siding began to warp a bit and came up in a few spots!  The water-based paint must have overwhelmed the sticking power of the glue. But even so, the warping was minor enough that I thought I could just get away with squeezing more glue under the lifted edges and weighting them down.  It was still not quite as even as it had been before painting, but it seemed... okay.   But THEN... we went away from the house for a couple of hot summer months, and when we came back I saw that the humidity had done a number on the siding.  MORE warping!  I ended up scraping off one entire side of it. Do you have any advice to keep this from happening again?  Is there another kind of paint I could use that might impart less moisture to the wood? Thank you!   L  
  7. Since @Sharebhas asked about scaling wallpaper, I have heard others say they use Paint, or Photoshop to make their own paper. I am wondering if there is a tutorial on this site or another place? I have Paint and Photoshop Elements, but don't use them enough to be proficient.
  8. Hello fellow miniature enthusiasts!  I recently just picked up my first greenleaf dollhouse kit, and I am unclear about a few things. Do I apply wallpaper, paint, siding and carpet to the house before it is assembled?  Any input is very much appreciated.   Thank you!
  9. Hello, I'm at a stand still with my first build. It is a 1/2 scale Fairfield, I have started the main floor and the interior walls. However I can't find any answers about  satin enamel paint. Would this paint be ok for my project. Also should I prime both sides at once to reduce warping? Stay on the look out for more questions I have two or more homes to build.    
  10. Question about spray paint

    I'm trying to paint the roof on my bay windows in a metalic finish, I picked some spray paints for this purpose: one mate grey wood paint and another in metalic finish. I've started with the solid color as base, the label said it was ok to use on wood surfaces, but as I apply the 1st coat I notice the paint is making "air bubbles" on the surface instead of laying down evenly :/ Sorry for my ignorance but I'm not experienced using spray paint, am I doing something wrong? Weather conditions are windy at the moment but nothing I can do about that, I've applied it according to the instructions but I don't understand why it's making these bubbles. Any advice?
  11. Tools, Paint...rookie needs guidance

    This is my 1st house and I am trying to figure out what tools I would need to get started.  There is a Michael's , AC Moore and Home Depot and Lowes near me where I can purchase items. What  type of brushes do I need? What paint works best? Acrylic, latex, gloss no , gloss etc. Glue what is the standard sure thing?- elmer's white, wood glue, rubber cement, gorilla glue etc. Do I need claps? I have sand paper and emery boards, Killz  2 Latex water-based sealer/primer, exacto knife, blue painters tape and some patience:)  Thank you in advance for your help.   
  12. I decided to go against using wallpaper on the walls but to paint them with designs or just solid colors with wood trim depending on the rooms... I know acrylic paint is water based and could  expand/warp the wood which I would like to avoid at all costs. If anyone out there has painted their homes what type and brand are the best paints to use?
  13. ceramic bunnies

    I just wanted to show off a little. This is what I was working on today.  These figures are just over half an inch high (9/16) and were cast in metal.  I painted them, added some paper flowers, and heavily spray glossed them to get a ceramic look.  Hope you enjoy.       
  14. Hi all, My parents have had this dollhouse in the family for years. It's been under a tarp in my mom's basement for about 30 years. Last known records have the creator of the house dying about 1916, so we figure it was built in the late 1800's. It's believed to be modeled after my dad's grandmother's house in Vermont. Very cool! I've taken on the project of restoring it (I'm not sure I'm up for refurbishing). First question ... what's the best way to clean years of paint? It looks to be that an owner along the way gooped the paint on. I have no idea what kind of paint it is ... is there an easy way to determine this? Any advice for a newbie is welcome! Cheers, Heather
  15. Hi, my name is Laura. I will try to make this quick. My parents had a doll house built for me in 1984. It was is really great condition until accidentally swiped it with my car because we had just moved and it was in my garage. Yes, I cried! Anyway, I have decided to fix it up. I am just not sure what to do first. I bought new carpet, wall paper, new shingles and paint. I have no idea if or how i should remove the old shingles or just replace the ones that are broken. I don't know if I should paint the house and shutters first. ( i hope i bought the right paint) And I don't know when i should put the wall paper up (i hope i bought the right wall paper glue) Basically, if anyone could please give me any advice i would really appreciate it. I also knocked down the beautiful pillars. I will attach some pics. Thank you in advance. (it wouldn't let me upload the pics so I had to try this way) Thanks, Laura http:// http://
  16. Starting to paint

    From the album Purple Trailer

  17. Maggie Green Front

    From the album Eternity Point

    These are the outside paint colours: Blue Mist, but it is actually a sea green, on the walls and Midnight Green on the decks. Inspired by Deb's gorgeous Magnolia in all the gray/greens.

    © Lene Pieters

  18. Tools for the job

    From the album My Arthur: Santa's House

    I used one of my artist palette knives to mix and spread the Spackle. I only had Soft Black and French Grey Blue paint, so I painted the background grout with Soft Black, then mixed the two colours with the Spackle to get a nice gray colour.

    © Lene Pieters

  19. Pierce Paint

    From the album The Hideaway (Pierce)

    We tested a few different exterior colors. This color was chosen as Renee wants it to be a little whimsical. It is a mis-tint that I picked up at Home Depot. The interior will be pretty straight forward, but this will definitely stand out. Framing might me navy blue or another variation. More than likely it will not end up white.

    © © 2012 Possum Trot Miniatures

  20. Interior paint & wallpaper?

    From the album Pack away dollhouse

    I used the lighter exterior color on the interior woodwork... & printed the B&W wallpaper design on cream colored paper... added a grey stripe behind some of the pattern to soften it?

    © MP 2012