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  1. Steps leading up to porch

    From the album Sara's Willowcrest!

  2. Beacon Hill Haunted Mansion Porch

    From the album Beacon Hill Haunted Mansion

    Close-up of porch with a doll I purchased on Etsy from a lady in  the UK.  She named her Doris Dittany.  She is just adorable, I think anyway.
  3. front porch assembly

    From the album RGT Classic Bungalow 1:12 scale

    It's funny. The camera refuses to recognize the actual colors of the house. It's a perfect avocado green, not lime, the orange in the pics is actually caramel, and the blue is a deep dark peacock color. *Shrug* Well anyway, it's getting there
  4. Assembling the porch

    From the album RGT Classic Bungalow 1:12 scale

    The bottom porch beams are on now, and next the top beams and arches  After that, i can get the roof on.
  5. plans

    Hi happy mini friends, I was wondering if any of you have the plans for the wrap around porch with the gazebo on the corner? I really think I can put it together if I can just get started. I don't think it would cost me $150 for the materials.  When I get back from the family visit, I will try to design one. I'll let you know how it goes.
  6. Building

    I have a board with grass on it and a house that doesn't cover the board where a porch should be. I want to build a porch on the front and right side. Greenleaf doesn't offer one for me to buy and didn't suggest any plans to do it. What do lovely people have that you could swap to me for something I might have?
  7. The porch frame is in place!

    From the album RGT Ellwanger House/North Park reno

    I drilled holes in the base of the posts and inserted a small nail (with the head clipped off)and pounded them into position. The nail gives added strength to the structure. I like how the blue pointed stakes mimic the blue diamonds on the gingerbread at the roof peaks.
  8. porch frame

    From the album RGT Ellwanger House/North Park reno

    Since I had to replace all of the posts, I had to re-imagine the gingerbread assembly. The original posts had a dado that the gingerbread piece fit into, but I wasn't about to attempt that with the new posts! I am not that skilled! LOL Instead, I cut pieces of square strip wood to fit in between each set of posts, then glued a long flat piece of strip wood across the top of the 2 assembly sets. This gave the whole unit strength.   The gingerbread arches were then glued to the front edge of the square strips. I took some pieces of the old wood trim and created little pointed stakes and painted them blue. I glued them over the gap on the posts where the two gingerbread pieces didn't quite meet.
  9. Christmas 2014

    From the album Country House - Album 2

    And the stockings were hung on the porch trim with clips . . . Before Grandma and Grandpa took down the Christmas decorations, I managed to take this shot of the porch. Last year the girls' stockings kept falling from the fireplace, as they were hanging by the tips of one of the candy canes wedged in the felt. This year, Grandma, Grandpa, and their dog Fala got stockings with their names on them too, and the family decided to hang them all up together where they can be noticed by the outside world. I didn't have regular Christmas tree hooks to give them, so they used red coated paper clips to hang them up.
  10. Birdhouse

    From the album Vermont Farmhouse, Jr.

    Note the birdhouse waiting for the birds to return in spring.
  11. Front Porch Decking Front View

    From the album My First Build: The Beacon Hill

    Gluing down 1/16" wood strips with wood glue was easier than the 1/32" stuff used on the siding. There was very little warping, although I did have to sand it all down once I was complete. I'm pretty pleased with the way its turning out.
  12. Porch Decking

    From the album My First Build: The Beacon Hill

    The wood is 1/16" thick and the front steps are 1/8". I shaved down the inside of the top step so that it would be flush with the rest of the decking. Thank goodness for rotary 'Dremmel' tools!
  13. Porch Decking Side View

    From the album My First Build: The Beacon Hill

    After considering several flooring alternatives and reviewing over a thousand pictures of 1:1 Victorian home decks, I opted to go with an assorted width, running bond approach for the porch.
  14. Arthur Porch Railings

    From the album My Arthur: Santa's House

    Finally decided on what pattern to paint the porch railings. After a nerve-wracking hour, this is the result. Carpal tunnel (even years post-surgery) makes painting small details very difficult. And I absolutely had to concentrate on getting the mirror-image stripes right, lol.

    © Lene Pieters 2014

  15. Twighlight In The Heartland

    From the album Vermont Farmhouse, Jr.

    This is my favorite picture of the house so far, as it looks like it is twilight time in early spring. The tulips look so real, and the blue reflecting from Maureen's real life window looks like the ocean waves showing through her house.
  16. Spring Welcome Mat

    From the album Country House - Renovated

    Grandma and Grandpa have a new spring welcome mat. I can't think of a more appropriate one to reflect this family.
  17. Warm Welcome

    From the album Vermont Farmhouse, Jr.

    There is nothing like the feeling of rolling out the welcome mat to your new home. I see Mo left the porch light on for us.
  18. From the album Southern Dynasty Restoration

    Registered in real life as "Clifford Woods Red Baron" lovingly known as Baron he is represented in miniature on the front porch of my Southern Dynasty.
  19. Porch Rearrangement

    From the album Country House - Renovated

    I rearranged the new porch furniture and decided I like it best this way - for now.
  20. Porch Furniture

    From the album Country House - Renovated

    Grandma got her Christmas present early this year, as she wanted new porch furniture and was waiting for something she really liked. This set has the wicker effect, but it is actually resin that I got a good price from Wee Dollhouse Shoppe at Karen Aird's Fall Miniature Show. I loved the color, as I think it matches the house well.
  21. Shaker Village Players

    From the album The Great American Dollhouse Museum

    Within Copper Hollow is a little neighborhood known as Shaker Village. Here in Shaker Village are a fiddler and banjo player on a front porch.
  22. Another Side Porch View

    From the album Country House - Renovated

    The chair on the side porch was orginally in Heather and Amy's bedroom. Eventually, I would like to get more wicker furniture for the porch.
  23. From the album Southern Dynasty Restoration

    Painted the porch floors grey today (thanks for the ideas havanaholly) and put a third coat of black paint on the shutters. I realize things don't appear to be straight but everything is just resting temporarily, windows doors and shutters are not permanently affixed yet.
  24. Fall Fest 2013

    From the album Country House - Renovated

    Ironically, I am posting this on the first day of fall, which came early for my miniature family. The fall is my favorite season, and this year, I am not looking forward to Christmas because I will have to put my leaves away for another year. - Holly and Carrie may be up past their bedtime because it looks like there is a light up in their room. Either that or it is a reflection of the moon.