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  1. Marble Counter top test

    From the album SewMini's Casa del Paó d'Or

    I came across a cool tutorial on how to mix Fimo to make a more realistic marble. The marble in the tutorial was opaque but I kind of wanted something that was a bit more translucent. Almost like alabaster. The process of doing this is a bit too much to explain here but I think they came out really cool. The mix on the right is the one I'm going to end up using. It's still translucent but more white. The one on the left is really cool but a bit too yellow for the kitchen. 
  2. 5900142f1af94-Fullview.jpg

    From the album The Laurel Build

    Full view of house. Double Laurel bash to the left. SHOULD NOT HAVE PUT THE STAIRS THERE.
  3. Pierce Bashing

    Hi all, I just got my Pierce, and want to make a boarding house. I think I may need to bash a Primrose on the side to get enough rooms. So.... here's what I would LIKE to do. If anyone has bashed a Pierce before and can just tell me if these things are structurally stupid ideas. 1. Bash the Primrose on to the right side (looking at it from the open back) and create an opening between them. The primrose will be the kitchen/dining area, not sure about the upper floor yet. Probably a boarder's room.  2. Add a wall where the dining room is now for another bedroom. The kitchen also becomes a bedroom. 3. Relocate the staircase against the front wall. Which would get rid of that weird little wall at the top of the stairs? 4. At the top of the stairs will be a small area with a bookcase, wall telephone and desk. Put in removable wall between stairs and right bedroom. In far left bedroom, turn bay into balcony. 5. Attic-Do something with that awkward V angle in the far left attic (Will this cause the roof to sag? Can I reinforce it?) Is the attic portion under the big roof tall enough to realistically make into rooms. And is the tower area big enough to put a child's bed and ladder to the roof in it? Thanks!
  4. Final Dry Fit

    From the album SewMini's Casa del Paó d'Or

    After several days of doing Winnie the Pooh's "Think, think, think," I finally came up with a layout that I am happy with. I decided to forgo the main gable section of the Orchid and add a gable to the Primrose. to add the gable to the Primrose, I simply used the gable pieces from the Orchid as a template and cut new pieces. After that I found the center of the roof and cut that hole. Thankfully my Dremel lived long enough to get that done (may it rest in peace :'( )
  5. Faux stone tiles

    From the album SewMini's Casa del Paó d'Or

    One night I got creative and decided to try my hand at making some faux stone. I can't remember where I saw the idea for this but it was on the internet. I had some art paper laying around the house so I cut a base piece and then glued shredded up pieces of art paper to the base piece and then cut it up into rectangular tiles. I mixed them up so the lines didn't match up and then lined them up. It's a really simple project and i'm happy with how my test turned out so I plan on using it throughout the first floor of the house.
  6. Chandelier lit up

    From the album SewMini's Casa del Paó d'Or

    Here is the chandelier lit up. I really like how it looks lit up. I might make a small one for the upstairs that looks like my own small hanging lamp that I got in Turkey. I think I could do that pretty easily with some bead caps and one of the miniature glass jars I got last night when I got the miniature mason jars for the dining room.
  7. Custom Chandelier

    From the album SewMini's Casa del Paó d'Or

    Farmhouse chic has a pretty specific style of lighting that usually combines simple lights with unusual fixtures. I just haven't found anything I like online because the vast majority of it is Victorian fixtures and doesn't work with what I'm trying to do. I have pretty eclectic decor in my own home thanks to many years of international travel so I like to look for interesting designs. I found a couple really cool looking sliding bracelet clasps that reminded me of the metal lanterns I've seen in souks around North Africa and the Middle East. I put them together with super glue and a lame attempt at soldering and then added chains from an old necklace. After that it was just a matter of adding in a salvaged light bulb from a light fixture I already had and voila! An eclectic chandelier.
  8. New Primrose Side

    From the album SewMini's Casa del Paó d'Or

    When I put the Orchid and Primrose together I realized that I needed to increase the roof line to match so I cut a new side piece and a new roof piece. I used one of the shutters from the front of the Primrose to lay out two narrow windows on either side of a chimney that I'll add on. The chimney will be there on the outside but on the inside it will just be a remnant as I plan on having a modern kitchen.
  9. New Window on the Orchid Side

    From the album SewMini's Casa del Paó d'Or

    I had hoped to keep the bay window but it just wouldn't fit anywhere else so I decided to keep the octagonal window from the main gable section.  I had initially lined it up at the same height as all the other windows but then realized it just didn't look right so I fixed it by elongating it. I'll just cut a few extra trim pieces to fix that. My plan for this is to make a stained glass window with some kind of cool design. Maybe a tree or even a peacock because I love peacocks.
  10. Inside Layout of the House

    From the album SewMini's Casa del Paó d'Or

    The inside of the house will be pretty basic in terms of layout. I cut the bay window opening on the Orchid to go to the floor to make a large opening between the two rooms on the lower level. I also cut a narrow doorway between the two rooms on the upper level. The layout will be: Lower Level Primrose: Kitchen Lower Level Orchid: Dining Room/Living Room Upper Level Primrose: Bathroom Upper Level Orchid: Bedroom
  11. Living Area

    From the album Primrose Bash

    My FIRST light installed, and it actually works! I made the fireplace from paper clay.
  12. 2014 Primrose Cottage Bashed

    From the album Primrose Cottage Bashed

    © Tracy Topps

  13. Dry Fit 2- front

    From the album Spooky farmhouse- Montana style

    Cut the windows and door square, cut windows in the primrose, cut the doorway between, filled the top window, glued the adjoining walls together. Now to start the porch and foundation! Get excited!
  14. Dry fit 1- front

    From the album Spooky farmhouse- Montana style

    It's like the Montana but flipped.
  15. Dry fit 1- back

    From the album Spooky farmhouse- Montana style

    Added two walls to make hallways.
  16. I am so excited about this new "project". As a lifelong crafter I can see where all my experience will be "put to the test" building dollhouses. I've always wanted to build a mini and now that I'm retired I'm starting one for my grandkids! This forum looks great; I'm glad I found you! Sarah
  17. Reverie Cottage Dollhouse

    From the album Reverie Cottage

    The wreath is wire and hot glued mosses. The topiary is a card holder from the wedding section of Michael's.

    © Cinderella Moments