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  1. Industrial Pendant trim detail.JPG

    From the album Mini Furniture Rehabs & Builds

    This is the trim detail.. Nail Art 3d rectangles and copper tape.... I like this light from this angle.
  2. From the album Mini Furniture Rehabs & Builds

    So I'm still on a lighting kick... I bought these cheap plastic lights from China a while ago... They were boring as is, but had good lines. I tried painting them silver with metallic acrylic and a brush... NOT successful!.. So I bought some aluminium spray paint and gave them a good coat. Unfortunately the bumpyness left from the original paint job still shows on this tester lamp. The rest will only be getting spray paint for a smoother finish. I also added some copper tape and some nail art rectangles to the edges before painting, to add a bit of detail to the plain shade and make them seem a bit more chunky and industrial. I added jewelry wire to the inside of the shade to form a simple bulb cage.  Sorry for the poor quality image of the makeover.. I resized this picture down quite a bit to match the size of the light in original form and it became very pixellated..