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  1. Here Are The BEFORE Pictures

    Here is the front: The tan shingles & the exterior of the roof: The interior: The inside foyer with broken and various pieces:
  2. Next week I'm hoping my Big (Someday Soonish) Beauty will be home, and into my Craft Room ready for me to begin. First it will be sanding down that blue paint, taking a good primer to recover it or possibly a nice textured spray paint with the trim tapped off with some nice blue painting tape to protect the areas that I want to (for now) keep white. Then those shingles need to come off. Human sized carpeting is the next to go. Then some sanding that yellow Conservatory. A whitewash to help, and later tall wainscotting. Choosing between dusky lavender and a dusky rose pink for the main house exterior, and then planning which room is what for the interior. I'm going to need to contact Real Good Toys for the missing left front-opening door, as well as both staircases, the exterior trim pieces, and also the windows as well as doors. Decorating will be half the fun! I cannot wait to begin!
  3. Hi everyone: I posted a lengthy introduction about my refurbishment project in my introduction, so I won't bore you with all the details, but basically, I have this dollhouse I want to change the floorplans for. Currently, there's a kitchen and a living room on the bottom floor, a baby room/bedroom with toilet and another bedroom on the second floor, two attic rooms on the third (the top of the whole roof comes off), and then a random, additional "loft" on the fourth "floor" (no stairs, and the very top piece of the roof comes off to find this one). The stairs bisect the house and take up a lot of space. I want to turn one of the bedrooms into a bathroom, and move the stairs around. Not sure what to do about the loft (I don't have pics of the loft). I'm thinking of ripping out one of the center walls and putting the door to the kitchen behind the stairs. This would expand the living room, and leave the kitchen the same size. The toilet I would remove and move to the right side, expanding the left into a master bedroom. I'd like to add windows onto the sides of the attic. Oh, and I was thinking of making the doorway a bit fancier, like with a half-circle on top with stained glass. I think I also want to make windows that open and add a bay window or two, but I need to do some reading to make sure this can happen. Soooo.... other than measuring everything there is to measure, what else should I take into consideration for modifying it? I like things to be as realistic as possible, taking into account how children and adults would want to move around their space. And if you were given the existing floorplan, what would YOU do? I'm still working through ideas and looking at pictures, but there're a lot of details shots I'm finding, and not so many of how people arrange stairs!