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  1. I made a major mistake when I started my Garfield about 3 years ago....the instructions said to use hot glue, so I did. Shortly after I began I decided to do some online research and found out it was a bad idea.    I worked up to the top floor and noticed there are gaps between wall and floor sections and the roof tabs won't fit in some of their slots.  I think it is because the base isn't straight or the glue was applied too liberally and walls are not square in some places.  I imagine the only way to correct this is to take it all apart and start over. Where would you start; should I separate certain sections in a particular order, removing the glue residue with a hair dryer and rebuilding with carpenter's glue?  Luckily, I have been dissatisfied with the finishes I put in each room (paint, wallpaper, flooring), so I will be glad to get the opportunity to re-decorate. Any tips and advice on how to begin this demolition will be greatly appreciated! Karen
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