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  1. I am constructing the Duracraft linfield and I’m dry fitting the roof, but it’s just not fitting right. Do they ever? Should I sand and try to figure it out or glue and fill in with wood putty? I have done everything correct with the instructions, so I don’t know what’s best to do. Any suggestions?
  2. antiquedollhouse3.jpg

    From the album Mini Paper Printables

    score, cut, fold, glue  
  3. Hi everyone, I'm having problems figuring out how to assemble the tower roof on the Fairfield 1:24. I've re-read the instructions over and over but this bit is giving me a headache, from what I can understand the triangle sides are supposed to look curved after glued? They are completly flat out of the kit, and I'm having a hard time understanding how to make them bend gently along the base. Step no. 5 and 6 on the instructions (section K) says "glue along the bottom edge only" and "be sure glue has ample time to cure before proceding to the next step", so I should glue the front and back at the base only and let the glue dry a bit or dry completly? If I let the glue dry completly at the base, how can I glue the the mid section of the roof without moving the sides? The wood seams a bit too thick to bend enough for the curve on the interior base, or maybe I'm a bit afraid of trying to put too much pressure on it. How should I prevent the sides from moving at the base while I try to bend them? I've looked around in other people's blogs and posts but couldn't find a lot of info about this sub-assembly. A lot of houses seam to have a straight tower roof without curve, I'm not sure how they did this assembly as most pictures have the roof already painted and/or shingled. I tried dry fitting them straight but there would be huge gaps between the sides, so I'm a bit stuck in this step and don't know what to do :s  If you have built this sub-assembly, or other similar curved roof structure and have some tips that could help me I'd really apreciate it. I'm mostly having trouble understanding how to bend the kit parts of the roof in a way that will look even for all roof sides. I haven't glued or modified any parts of this sub assembly yet, I want to put it together in the same shape as instructed by the kit but can't figure out how to do this. If you have any suggestions that could help they are very welcome, thanks!
  4. Victorian tin roofs

    I'm on the process of shingling my dollhouse, slow work but is coming along nicelly. However, as I'm looking at the roof now I'm thinking maybe I would like a diferent look on the roof of the bay windows (the two on the sides of the 1st floor of the Fairfield). The roof in those is kinda small, would maybe fit 2-3 rows of shingles if I use the same as the roof. I was looking at pictures of victorian houses for ideas and I thought maybe I would like to try a tin/metal roof effect for those and see how it looks (I've attached a picture with two examples of this kind of roof). So my big question is: how can I try to imitate a 'tin' look on a roof? I have metalic reflective papper but as is it looks 'too shiny' for an exterior roof, I'm not sure if these can be painted but if I try the papper what type of paint should I use? And what other alternatives can I try to get a semi-reflective look? I am looking for something that will look convincingly like metal, I have stained my shingles (not painted) to keep that slight 'shininess' of the wood, so I need something that will be shinnier yet not that 'fresh of the factory' look.  I'm not sure if I'll like the roof after applied to the dollhouse, but it's something that I really want to try even if just to learn a bit more about how to do 'metal' effects. I was thinking about using a wood base and try to paint it with metalic colors, but the wood texture will probably be hard to hide and maybe there's better suited materials I can use for base. I'm not sure how to get started on this little experiment so any advice would be apreciated! 
  5. From the album San franciscan-555

    Kitchen is done,  Wish the inside windows were not pink. No way am i attempting to repaint them inside. Living room. Just need to glue in stairs and add front door. Not nearly as nice as you all can do but I am happy with it. Got the roof on. Took me 3 hours..3 hours!! The way to secure roof is another nightmare. The tower was a huge pain with all the fitting, cutting, measuring, recutting,  Maybe it is just me? I don't know. I will be glad when it is done.
  6. Shingles

    From the album Dura Craft Tudor by WyckedWood

    Shingles done. Love the roof line on this house 
  7. Shingles

    From the album Dura Craft Tudor by WyckedWood

    Shingles done. Love the roof line on this house, after I modified it. 
  8. HELP!!!!!!!!!

    Sob story. My dad died when I was four. He was in the process of building me this doll house when he passed. My mom let me play with it as a kiddo and between moving several times, numerous children, bad storage and at some point a horrible paint job.... well you can tell it is in bad shape. It is because of sentimental reasons that I am going to start this restoration project. I understand it would be much easier to start from scratch but it is important to me that my kiddos get to play with this dollhouse. That being said. I am going to start with the exterior. I need to know where I might find new roof pieces. Not detail pieces like the actual pieces that are not there anymore..... I have no idea what this model is or where to begin looking. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated
  9. Hi all, My parents have had this dollhouse in the family for years. It's been under a tarp in my mom's basement for about 30 years. Last known records have the creator of the house dying about 1916, so we figure it was built in the late 1800's. It's believed to be modeled after my dad's grandmother's house in Vermont. Very cool! I've taken on the project of restoring it (I'm not sure I'm up for refurbishing). First question ... what's the best way to clean years of paint? It looks to be that an owner along the way gooped the paint on. I have no idea what kind of paint it is ... is there an easy way to determine this? Any advice for a newbie is welcome! Cheers, Heather
  10. Aging the Copper Roofing

    From the album My First Build: The Beacon Hill

    I'm not too keen on the way my aging of the copper turned out. I think it came out too blotchy for my tastes. I'm considering giving it a few more coats of my aging mix (consisting of lemon juice, salt, and white vinegar) to make it more green.
  11. And a bird's eye...

    From the album 2014 HBS Creatin' Contest--Erabliere Aucoin, Sugar Shack and Shop

    Real life is messy. Snow is rarely snow-white. So here, leaves, trudged-up dirt, ice melt, and wood chips are scattered among the snowflakes on the ground... but up on the roof, as James taylor would say, it's as peaceful as can be.
  12. Flat dormer roof

    From the album 2014 HBS Creatin' Contest--Erabliere Aucoin, Sugar Shack and Shop

    The flat roof of the dormer is finished in a faux-asphalt, achieved by base coating the roof with a thick layer of very dark, almost-black grey paint (I had leftovers from a quart bought for another project—use what you have, of course, but the paint does have to be on the roof fairly thickly), and then sprinkling a heavy, even dusting of black craft sand over the paint and gently (and very flat-ly), pressing the sand into the paint. Don't press so hard that you make the paint drip off the flat roof's edges! The paint becomes the base color and the adhesive. Be very patient, this takes a long time to dry. When dry, shake off the excess/ non-adhered sand (I put mine back into the container I keep it in, to reuse at another time), and you should have a very realistic asphalt look.
  13. Aging the Copper

    From the album My First Build: The Beacon Hill

    My wife thinks I should have left the copper bright and shiny. I suppose I could reverse the aging with Tarn-X and clear coat it to keep finger prints from showing up, but I haven't decided as yet.
  14. Colonial Roof

    From the album Half Scale Colonial

    Things are moving along. Half scale shingles are...challenging. I don't know if I will straight paint it or use a wash. I will let it dry overnight and decide.
  15. Roofline

    From the album Spring Fling 2012

    I ended up with quite a tricky roofline but I'm pleased with the way it turned out. When I cut out the hole for the conservatory attachment I salvaged the windows and used them to make an opening window in the roof. Vines have now started to grow out through this window from the inside of the garden room so Ellie rarely closes it. There are tiny fasteners on each window but the window is fixed in the open position and doesn't actually close.

    © Jo Medvenics 2012

  16. Mansard entry roof (up angle shot)

    From the album Pack away dollhouse

    The roof & moldings will be done in faux copper with a bit of verdigris. The roof will be ribbed.

    © MP 2012

  17. From the album Pack away dollhouse

    The roof & moldings will be done in faux copper with a bit of verdigris. The roof will be ribbed.

    © MP 2012

  18. From the album Steampunk Miniatures

    Here's a close up of the steel roof that is one of my favorite features of the house. Check out the brass "bolts" holding the sheets of "steel" in place.

    © deb roberts