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  1. Working on the Dining Room

    From the album First Dollhouse DC San Franciscan SF557

    I'm waiting on supplies for the basement apartment plus I needed a change of scenery so I decided to work on the dining room today. Everything is still in dry fit so it's all a house of cards that could come tumbling down at any moment.  The table isn't finished so the top hasn't been glued down yet.. I've used these random metal minis to weigh it down so it would sit more evenly on my very wonky floor. (It warped during white washing and I'm yet to find a way to fix it... No amount of heavy books has managed it yet. )  The table got a coat of Walnut Brown stain, then several thick washes of antique grey chalk paint, left on for a few seconds then wiped off with an old towel. Contemplating more washes, but wonder if I should just let it be.. I'm known to keep going until I've gone too far.   The chairs were a dark stain and they have had several coats of white primer... Not sure what colour to paint them, I was thinking a swedish grey, but I quite like the white.. The seats will get a taupe or grey or white linen seat depending on the colour I settle on for the wood.
  2. Tea Room of the Full Moon Room Box

    From the album My Latest Mini Finds

    A cool little room box from Dee's Delights. Someone in the forum pointed out some really cool oriental furniture that would go perfect in this.

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  3. Grand Room Box

    From the album Some of my Work

    French door entry into the Grand Room Box
  4. Grand Room Box

    From the album Some of my Work

    Grand Room Box kit, with French Toile wallpaper