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  1. Did I Mess Up? I sanded: Oh, NO!

    Hello, I've been reading that a person should not sand before painting with at least a primer. But my half scale RGT Front-opening Country Victorian arrived so rough and I was getting splinters from handling it. Besides I heard that Brown paper can be used to sand a dollhouse and my kit arrived covered in the stuff. I thought it would be the best to kill two birds with one stone and I used the brown paper to sand it down. Some pieces are still a little tougher than I would have liked, but I just saw the recommendation that a person not sand until after painting a first coat. Did I ruin my kit? So concerned! Thank you!
  2. Hi all:) I have quite a few pieces of vintage dollhouse furniture I’d like to refinish, but first I need to remove the old varnishes and stain. I tried swabbing some items with acetone nail polish remover, it worked somewhat- not as well on pieces that had layers of thick varnish or a heavy dark stain. I have used sandpaper , but it’s very difficult to get into the cracks and crevices of tiny turnings or carved detail.  Both methods were messy and a bit time consuming, with okay results. I keep thinking there has to be a better way! Any suggestions?
  3. Hi there!  I'm new to the world of miniatures, and building a house for my niece. Greenleaf Orchid seemed like a good first-timer house. So far, I'm completely obsessed, and love working on it.  The only thing I'm struggling with is trying to find a faster way to sand all the parts.  I've been looking at pen sanders, Dremels, and I'm not sure what's right for me.  Any pointers? Thanks to all! 
  4. Days 2-5 (?)

    I dry fit the Laurel, then the primrose. I am adding rooms to the Laurel so it will have 6 rooms. I double decked/bashed two Primroses. I think I should have approached it differently, but I want the the floors to line up. I experimented with raw wood paint, sealer. I like it better because it has no odor. The Laurel is glued except for the roof. I'm adding dormers to the attic space. I am leaving out the room dividers for now, and I am going to reconfigure the stairs. Onward and upward!
  5. 58e1db3c25f9d-fastwaytosand.jpg

    From the album The Laurel Build

    The emery board and taking this piece of sand paper off the sanding stick made it easier to adjust the slot size
  6. Orchid Questions

    Hi all, I'm working on the Orchid (TMF) my first house in 31 years. I was thinking about putting the bottom partition in so that the kitchen is on the left. I thought about extending the bay window in for a small table. For those of you who've done this house, would that work?(i.e. proper height) I really don't want to put printed wallpaper on all of the interior walls, and I've heard that you shouldn't paint them, so can I put up solid color cardstock instead? I'd read some posts about scoring the floor and staining to look like floor planks, but my shell is already together. Could I make floor planks with craft (popsicle) sticks? I'm having a hard time sanding the edges of pieces to get them really smooth. They seem to be rough no matter what I do, and on some of the narrow trim pieces, some of the back layer has actually fallen off. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!
  7. Day #6

    From the album silvrsky-Meagan Dollhouse

    Sanded a ton!!! Then started priming everything! Got really sunburnt. Won an action on ebay for a cute sofa and chairs!