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  1. I finally figured it out!

    I finally got it! I'm building my first house, the Orchid.  I literally sat and stressed for hours yesterday about the stairs, which were horrible and splintery and way too big really for the housel. So I found angieaug's video on youtube and the lightbulb went on. I cobbled together a set this morning that fits like I want and she made it easy as pie. Eating pie that is, lol. So thanks to her! They are drying but I need to figure out wallpaper and stuff before I put them in permanently. 
  2. Beacon Hill stair issues

    Hi everyone, I’ve been struggling with the Beacon Hill stairs. Problems with glue, dog thinking my stair assembly was a toy and managing to get to it.(when did he learn to fly.?????) Most of it was saved. I cut new parts from the discard cutouts.  But I’m not thrilled with my doggie enhanced stairs. Can I buy a ready made staircase that will fit? I saw a curving staircase on line  It would be worth it to me to buy it if it would fit to get past the frustration.  Has anyone tried something like this? Has it worked out? Thanks  Austin’s mom photo of stairs is attached
  3. Possible Front Stairs option

    From the album First Dollhouse DC San Franciscan SF557

    So I took Emily's (Fov) advice and tried out a mock-up of a different front stair configuration than I had originally intended. I added a little extension to the front of the porch to allow the first flight to descend at a right angle to the house (I will need to figure out some kind of railing for this.. I don't want my little people swan diving to the driveway when coming home from a night on the town ). The landing at the bottom of the first flight would be the same level as the front garden and their would be a retaining wall under it as indicated (this house is on an imaginary hillside  ). The lower flight of stairs would end beside the driveway and they would be enclosed on the front side at least, maybe the backside also, but I kind of like the understair area as storage. There is a little alcove under the porch for access to the basement apartment. It still needs some tweaking, but I like it! Thanks for the inspiration Emily!
  4. Stairs are installed

    From the album Shabby Chantilly

    Yay!!  The stairs are in.  The install gave me serious anger issues but I finally got them in. 
  5. Laser cut Chantilly

    Not a question....more of a rant.  I love my laser cut Chantilly but I really am angry at the stairs.  I mean, seriously?  Why??  Why fight me on the install? Let me tell you....they didn't look hard and the instructions are a bit lacking but holy smokes! The slide in stair rail is a b#tch!!   Rant over.  The end.  
  6. Banister balcony view

    From the album My First Dolls house

    I planned on leaving the landing open to the downstairs but realism won out and I had to make it look usable aka safe. I made the banister to match the dining room divider.
  7. Garfield interior wall move

    Hi, Has anyone moved the interior bathroom wall over to make a passageway to the 2nd bedroom to make it more realistic? Am thinking of making a removable wall for the bathroom so its more logical than having to walk thru the bathroom to get to the 2nd bedroom. This would mean that I'd need to have a banister for the left side of the 2nd staircase and this is where it gets complicated. I'm thinking of making interior walls for the lounge and dining room so I wouldn't need the banister for there so I'm debating whether to either cut off the wall part of the ground floor stairs and use that banister for the 2nd staircase which makes sense to do so. Any views on my idea before I commit this to reality?  
  8. Front Stairs - another view.JPG

    From the album First Dollhouse DC San Franciscan SF557

    Today I did a little maths and figured out the size of the cantilever off the porch for the redesigned front stairs. I've glued my three flights of stairs together and mocked them up here. I still have some tweaking to do, but I like how they are turning out. I think I will have the top flight as painted wood with railings to suit the porch railing (which I will be changing). The second and third flight of stairs will either be completely bricked in a brown tone brick or have bricked risers and and "concrete" slab treads. You can't really tell here but there is a decent window well under the porch and first floor bay window, so that the little basement dwellers aren't completely underground. Can't wait to get this foam encased in something! It's shedding like crazy. I've vacuumed 4 times today!  
  9. Working on the Front Stairs.JPG

    From the album First Dollhouse DC San Franciscan SF557

    Today I did a little maths and figured out the size of the cantilever needed off the porch for the redesigned front stairs. I glued together my three flights of stairs and mocked them up here. I moved the second flight of stairs back in line with the top flight as suggested by @Debsrand56. You may also notice that I've managed to tone down the pink stonework... That is if you aren't distracted by the hellacious bloodbath on my foam!  (Well, not really, but as you can see I've also been working on a tree and the colour of my air dry clay is.. erm.. unfortunate... Not to worry crime scene clean up will be achieved with gesso.  )
  10. San Franciscan Entry Stairs

    From the album First Dollhouse DC San Franciscan SF557

    Working on the Landscaping Board today... I know it seems like a job for the end but I need to at least lay out the plan and mock it up because the hillside will determine where "stone"goes on the outside of the basement. Additionally the new front stairs are an integral part of the landscaped hill and therefore careful height planning is needed to incorporate the stairs later. I've decided on three flights with two turns, thanks to the greenleafers who weighed in last post and suggested three. As you can see it's a fairly rough mock-up but you get the idea. I've built the second flight of stairs into the "hillside" because I felt this was more realistic for a hillside set of stairs rather than having them cantilever off the retaining wall. A bonus is I won't have to have railings on this flight & it also allows me to butt the third flight up against the wall creating the need for only one short stair railing at this level. The other bonus is it allows me to extend the hillside at the front of the board to allow more front yard even though I will likely shape this front portion of the foam into a gentle slope with a smaller retaining wall to soften the look. Looking at this picture now.... I might also move the second flight of stairs backwards a bit, to line up the lip of the top step with the back of the top flights last step... I think it looks a bit strange at the moment and it will also give me a bit of space between the driveway and the front path for greenery.
  11. San Franciscan Front Stairs Mock-Up

    From the album First Dollhouse DC San Franciscan SF557

    Working on the Landscaping Board today... Still very much in mock up mode... As you can see I've just used random pieces of foam to simulate the lower landing. I may even put another set of three stairs on the other side of this landing facing back towards the apartment door. That way the little occupants have a choice of stairs whether going to the garage or the front gate. The foam will all be covered in water putty or some such product (again thanks to the Greenleafers who made suggestions.) to simulate a painted cement retaining wall. It'll probably have some cracks in it with plants popping out,.. or maybe a garden bed at the top (of the shortened) wall with hanging plants spilling over.. or vines.. I don't know yet but something to soften the effect.  It will need to be something that is not caustic to foam.. found out the hard way today that spray adhesive melts foam...
  12. Traditional stairs

    From the album stairs

    I planned to use these stairs to start with. Then I noticed the inlay in the flooring runs right through it.
  13. stairs 2

    From the album stairs

    I came up with this design. Since it is above the floor it doesn't interfere with the inlay.
  14. stairs

    From the album My Arthur: Santa's House

    I wanted to add some pizzazz to the red stairs with a white accent. Thank goodness I kept all my scrapbooking punches from the 1990's! Even though these will not be visible from the rear opening of the house, I hope they look pretty when seen through the front door or window.
  15. Fairfield 5

    From the album Fairfield

  16. Fairfield 4

    From the album Fairfield

  17. Undersized Urbanite 2014

    From the album Contest Pics 2014

  18. Early Construction - Day 11

    From the album My First Build: The Beacon Hill

    Woo hoo! Stairs are stained and installed!
  19. Inside corner of stairs

    From the album Tig's Pierce Progress

    This is a close up of the stairs for the Pierce. I never liked the flat splindles - so I have decided that they HAVE TO GO! I'll be chopping them off and adding real spindles and a nicer hand railing.
  20. Outside corner of stairs

    From the album Tig's Pierce Progress

    This is the other side of the stairs. The wasted space under them bothers me too - so I think I might try to make use of it by making a built in shelf or some sort of secret cubby hole.
  21. Opal's new stairs

    From the album More building projects

    I didn't like the stairs that came with the kit , so I made my own out of basswood and stained them with gunstock.
  22. From the album A little bit of everything

    Using the tee y tiny wooden sewing thread spools as base
  23. IMG 0714[1]

    From the album Real Good Toys Victorian Cottage

    Stairs are stained and glued, awaiting polyurethane. It was a struggle for several months to figure out how to use the rounded spindles instead of the flat ones. I think the effort was worth the result so far.
  24. IMG 0716[1]

    From the album Real Good Toys Victorian Cottage

    A close up of the stairs.