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  1. Miniature Power tools

      I have made working miniature power tools like Power drill, angle grinder, circular saw, air blower...and more with the name of "SAZOH miniature power tools"Here are the video links of my working power drill model (Please subscribe my youtube channel for more videos)  
  2. Simple enough question.. What have you purchased lately, or thinking of purchasing next and why? Please state specific item/s that you are currently working on/towards and your reasons and visions for that particular item/s.... Regards C
  3. minibakingday.jpg

    From the album Back at it!

  4. You'd think I could wire a dollhouse if I can teach 4th graders how to build series and parallel circuits along with electromagnets and how to make a light with a dill pickle, but the brass brad have me beat.  I've gone through  nearly 100 brads and only have 3 junctions created.  They represent nearly 6 hours of work.  Any tips on getting those brads into basswood walls? l started with the requisite dollhouse tools:  1/8" brass brads, tape wire, pilot hole punch, brad placement tool,small brass hammer, transformer, junction splice, and lead-in wire. Got the junction slice in and working, but from then on it's been more frustration than the presidential election!   Brads bend, fall out of tool, won't go in-- so I moved up to tiny needle nose pliers.  Brads bend, fall out of pliers, won't go in-- so I tried using a push pin for pilot holes and that worked a bit better, and I got one junction done.  Then had difficulty with next one.  Started using larger hammer with mixed success.  Have tried small drill hole--creates a loose fit of brad.  Tried holding brad with fine tweezers, and the brads bend worse.     I know it should get easier with practice, but 6 hours seems like it should produce  about a junction every 30-45 minutes.  Am I being unrealistic? How long should it take?  My husband thinks a larger single brad should work.  I have 3/8 " brass plated brads which will work without puncturing the walls, but they are brass plated.  What has worked for you? What advice can you share?  I built full size kitchen cabinets with less frustration, and you really can light  up a dill pickle.
  5. Tools, Paint...rookie needs guidance

    This is my 1st house and I am trying to figure out what tools I would need to get started.  There is a Michael's , AC Moore and Home Depot and Lowes near me where I can purchase items. What  type of brushes do I need? What paint works best? Acrylic, latex, gloss no , gloss etc. Glue what is the standard sure thing?- elmer's white, wood glue, rubber cement, gorilla glue etc. Do I need claps? I have sand paper and emery boards, Killz  2 Latex water-based sealer/primer, exacto knife, blue painters tape and some patience:)  Thank you in advance for your help.   
  6. My Glencroft kit is coming tomorrow and I'm trying to setup my hobby room with tools and necessities that I know I will need.  So far, I have x-taco knives, rulers (straight and 90 degrees), miter block for sawing, masking and painters tape, pencils, paint brushes, needle nose pliers, sanding pads and clamps.  Is there anything else that I may need?  Plan on going to Lowes tomorrow for some paint/stains and whatever else I may need. Thanks everyone.
  7. Well, I have spent a month or more getting ready to start my Greenleaf Pierce! By the time it got to 27th Dec - my 'D' day, I was starting to procrastinate because I became terrified of starting! After creating my workspace yesterday - hubby having bought me a 10 drawer metal file cabinet and he cut a good heavy board on which to build the house - today really was the day! After feeding various people's cats (it's summer holidays here) and putting away all the Christmas decorations I finally opened the box and started my Pierce. Okay - so I didn't get very far. I have the base gluing and have cut out, sanded and primed most of the foundation pieces. Unfortunately I have Fibromyalgia which is a pain condition. After the busy-ness of Christmas and Boxing days, my hands, wrists all the way up to my shoulders were more painful than ever. So while it was good that I waited till today, the pain now after cutting just those few pieces is quite severe. Never mind, I'm picking that as I go on things will take longer to decorate or put together and the time between cutting will become longer. The other thing to note is that I have started a new Facebook page called 'Melody of Miniatures'. Feel free to pop by and say hello! It is essentially a page that I will blog and keep a track of websites I've bought from, techniques I've tried and bits and bobs used etc. My daughter is also going to contribute and it is our intention to share knowledge we have gained through this forum and our own tried and tested ways of doing things.
  8. tinyHouseSept04

    From the album Tiny House

    There is no built in storage for clothing. So after the bed/loft was already glued I decided to through a suitcase up on the bed. I did not glue down the bedding, so it was even more difficult to put the suitcase on the bedding without it messing up. Note to self: Remember to completely dress the bed before the loft is glued in place.
  9. DSCN1602

    From the album Bits and bobs

    Blade sharpener
  10. DSCN1601

    From the album Bits and bobs

    New cutter. Made for gardening , but I'm going to use to cut shingles!
  11. Hi everyone I would like to introduce myself, my name is Sarah, I live in Empangeni, South Africa, where I work as a doctor. I am a complete newbie to the world of miniatures, apart from ice cream stick cabins I built as an eight year old fashioned after the Little House on the Prairie. I have always loved dollhouses (I had a beautiful shop-bought dollhouse as a little girl inherited from older cousins), and it was my absolute favorite plaything and made my imagination run wild. I also have a deeply entrenched love of Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House books. I would therefore like to make my first project a log-cabin dollhouse, furnished after the log cabin built in the second book in the series (Little house on the prairie) I have been checking out Dura-Craft houses available on eBay. What is the difference between the Oregon trail log cabin and the Pioneer cabin by Dura-Craft? They look the same to me in the pictures posted on line. I would also like to ask, has anyone built one of these two houses before? Are they worth it, or is there a better model kit for a pioneer cabin? Also, what tools, glues and other supplies will I need to purchase for this project? ( I won't be using wallpaper as I want to maintain the rustic pioneer feel) Thanks everyone, and nice to meet you.
  12. Mini table saw

    From the album Misc

  13. First part

    From the album Clothespin Clamps Tutorial

    Simple to make and versatile.
  14. Second part

    From the album Clothespin Clamps Tutorial

    Part 1
  15. Clamp Variations

    From the album Clothespin Clamps Tutorial

    These are great clamps for holding things together that are being glued. They are easily modified to work with whatever your needs my be.