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  1. Dolls, dolls, dolls!

    I’m clearing off my work table to make room for dollhouse Christmas projects I’ve got going. I have a few offerings, all unassembled, some unpainted, some carefully china painted. Assembly instructions will be included. Assembly is done with simple materials like pipe cleaners, cotton balls, super glue and tacky glue. These make a really fun do-it-yourself project and it’s an affordable way to add beautiful dolls to your dollhouse.  These are porcelain dolls in 1:12 scale, cast, cleaned and fired, some are painted, by me. The china painted dolls undergo a meticulous process of 5 to 7 trips thru the kiln at temperatures that are high enough to set the paint permanently. Unpainted dolls can be painted with acrylics, chalks and even powders from your own makeup. Any questions, just ask. Scroll down because I’m going to put these in separate posts just to keep the descriptions orderly.    First offering is a beautiful doll that is unpainted, porcelain bisque. She is known as Milady and her original sculpt was created by a well known doll artist named Paulette Stinson. Shown are two examples from the artist of a costumed Milady and the bisque I’m offering today. She would make a beautiful bride, she’s smiling and has darling dimples. I can offer her with your choice of two different style of arms, long white porcelain gloved arms, or plain hands. Both sets of arms are well formed to hold an item in the hands, like a book or bridal bouquet. I also have two different choices for shoes, one, a petite heeled shoe and the other a Georgian heel. Either could be painted or covered over with silk ribbon if desired. She is customized in her greenware stage, I put her on a nice Cynthia Howe designed long torso.       
  2. Hello,  My dad pulled this out of the attic and gave it to me - however I don't have any children and all the nieces and nephews are too old to want to play with it. I hope that this will go to a collector who will enjoy it or someone whose kids will enjoy it. I am not sure what it is worth. I have it listed on Craigslist.It has never been opened. Looks like the box might have some minimal damage from being almost 30 years old (1990), but nothing that would damage the dollhouse. Link and pictures:   Thanks for looking.