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  1. Final Choice - I think.JPG

    From the album Mini Furniture Rehabs & Builds

    I made two more of the fourth option... I think for now I'm going with this one.. that is, until I change my mind.  
  2. So I need assistance picking a trim for my linen shades. Mock up below. I'm going for a rustic modern look... I like the white trim but think it might be too white for the dark metal and a bit refined for the look I want. The one on the left, I like the colour and texture but it's maybe too bulky? The third one is hemp rope and I think maybe too much contrast? Or not..  Originally I did this.. Which I like the best.. but no light shows through when you turn it on.. 
  3. One more option.JPG

    From the album Mini Furniture Rehabs & Builds

    I need your assistance in picking a trim for my Chandelier shade upcycle.   After Carrie's comment on the last pic about contrast, I thought I'd try one more option. I think we might have a winner?...