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  1. Garden window detail

    From the album Sara's Willowcrest!

  2. Window Closeup

    From the album San Fran 555 Build

    Closeup of a finished window. 
  3. Frosted window for light

    From the album First Dollhouse DC San Franciscan SF557

    A little window in the corner of the room to let light into what could be a dingy basement bathroom.    
  4.   This is a highly detailed Window ready for your dollhouse. Made of white PLA.   Measures 3.18 x 5.27 x 0.59 Opening is 3 1/4" x 2 1/8" Print Time: 1hrs - 51min   Can be found here: All of my items are created on a 3D Flashforge Creator Pro Printer. They are printed at 200 microns resolution which is very detailed.This item is sold unpainted. This way you can add your own touch to your piece. This item is designed for 1/10 – 1/12 scale.
  5. I purchased an almost completely built Glencroft dollhouse at an estate sale. The only things left to do are the windows and doors. No directions came with the house. I have looked at a lot of pictures online but I simply can't figure out how to do the windows. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance.
  6. 6 hr window

    From the album My First Dollhouse - Beacon Hill

    So the kitchen is dated so I wanted an older window, don't like the ones that came with the kit... this was a JOB.. It needed hardware, so came to the forum and searched window hardware, instantly popped up a great Tutorial by Amy, she used foil from a wine bottle, but I had some votives with nicely colored foil as the cup, it was easy to work with!
  7. Double Hung Sash Windows

    From the album Eternity Point

    This is a mock-up of the positioning. Did I do it right? Am a bit nervous gluing this lot together.

    © Lene Pieters

  8. stained glass sheet

    From the album Printables

    Print sheet on translucent vellum.(Important- Dry completely) .Cut out lampshade leaving enough extra to overlap and glue. Cut out like images in pairs, leaving a bit of a border around the outside. Fold in half, using a light source to line images up, back to back. Sandwich folded images between two pieces of stiff clear plastic. For suncatchers, trim edges with a narrow strip of copper tape folded around the edge. Poke small holes in the top corners and add jump rings and chain or cord to hang.
  9. shingle siding windows

    From the album CNC

    1/12 scale Left & cw: carved shingles, siding, window - over-cut grills! board & batten. over-cut again - battens too thin!

    © MP2013

  10. One Step Beyond

    From the album Country House - Renovated

    Holly is saying good night to her new found friend who is one step beyond the window. She was going to open it to let him in, but he said that was unnecessary because he could simply go through the walls if he wanted to. The light behind Holly is a real-life light that is reflecting on the window. It is in my bedroom and not the dollhouse, but it looks like it's on the other side of the window.
  11. A Clean Well-Lighted Place

    From the album Country House - Renovated

    Ernest Hemingway or a weary traveler (or trick-or-treater) may find Grandma's dining room a welcoming place on a dark, October night. After a weekend consisting of a Halloween party, town parade, and costume contest, the family prepares to settle down for a warm and cozy evening.
  12. Red Curtain Rods

    From the album Mosie's Room

    It's the little things that make a house a home, and it is also the little things that make the big things stand out. I wouldn't have thought to paint the wooden knobs of the curtain rod red, but Mo did, and I love how they look.
  13. Beyond Mosie's Room

    From the album Mosie's Room

    Here is the box standing upright again and all set for the fall. Now that she "got her feet wet," Mo made the announcement that she is ready to take on a dollhouse. I am so excited, I can hardly wait.
  14. Adding The Finishing Touches

    From the album Mosie's Room

    The window box is now glued on the box. You cannot tell from the picture, but the opening of the box is face down, so that the window box can rest on a flat surface without being suspended.
  15. Looking Out Into The World

    From the album Mosie's Room

    Heather is looking outside. She is probably waiting for her other two sisters to come check out the place.
  16. Unexpected Trick Or Treater

    From the album Mosie's Room

    A friendly bear dressed as a candy corn for Halloween is peeking through the window. He wants to know if anyone is home before ringing the doorbell to say Trick or Treat.
  17. Welcome To Mosie's Room

    From the album Mosie's Room

    This is the outside of my friend Mo's room box. Unlike most room boxes I have seen, this one has an actual window, and not just one with a picturesque backing. This way she can have shutters showing from the back. The blue shutters on the red backing match the room's interior. On the day I saw the house, Mo received her flower box in the mail. In this picture our friend Ann is holding it up for size.

    From the album APEDOLLYs ORCHID D-HOUSE