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  1. Assembled windows.

    From the album San Fran 555 Build

    15 windows, 11 pieces per window, 161 total pieces. Nice to have that bit finished. 
  2. Window Parts

    From the album San Fran 555 Build

    All the window parts. After sanding, filling, sanding, and more sanding, painting, sanding, painting and sealing, the windows are ready for assembly. I chose to glue the top frame in and only the bottom frame opens. This helped make a rigid window frame that can be handled without falling apart. Notice the gluing jig I made for assembly. 
  3. Willow Dollhouse Kit

    Could someone tell me what the ceiiling height of the the Willow Dollhouse is?  Thinking of purchasing and wonder if I would be able to replace the doors and windows with standard dollhouse (non-Greenleaf) elements. Thanks!!!!
  4. Hello Everyone! I recently acquired not 1, but 2, Magnolia Dollhouse kits from Corona Concepts. My parents found the boxes tucked in the back of a closet when they moved into a new apartment. When they pulled the boxes out and realized what they were, I got really excited, because I love building dollhouses, and the Magnolia was one that I always toyed with buying. It was like Christmas in July! However, it looks like I’m missing pieces, that I will either need to build myself or reorder. I already know that I’m missing 24 of the 32 window sashes that I need. Let the building challenge begin! 
  5. Hi all- new to this forum and building houses. I would like to know how you put in the windows so they don't get glue all over them. I also want to know what the best method is to remove wood glue from the windows. Thanks in advance!
  6. I'm now on to my third dollhouse, and unlike the first two which were purchased kits, this doll house is a rescue!!  Found on a street curb, it was really in pretty good shape. The original builder did a good job constructing the house; the shingles are a lesson in perfection; the painting and wallpaper show a better than average understanding of how to handle these tasks; floorings were in good shape and installed with double sided tape.  Yes, there are a few loose shingles, the door is broken along with the porch.  Biggest problem is the outside wall are dado cuts to mimic siding and the builder reversed the front and glued the siding side inside rather than outside.  That will be easily remedied with Greenleaf siding strips.  This will soon be the Farmhouse I envision. But I desperately want to replace the windows.  The large front windows are a bit smaller than standard size--I'll enlarge opening to accept new windows.  However, the dormer windows are rectangular rather than square and an irregular size.  I have not been able to identify the dollhouse, so there is no chance of finding manufacturer to see if there is a more current window style available.  I am now faced with going where I haven't gone before and building my own windows. Any suggestions or words of advice out there?
  7. Howdy everyone, I'm currently working--slowly but surely--on my first house (surprise!) The Orchid. I was wondering, has anyone tried to modify the side sheet containing the bay window to suit French doors? I've swapped the side sheets, in favor of more wall space in the "parlor" (the larger room to the left), so now the bay window would look in on the small kitchen under the stairs. I'd prefer to "open up" the space by allowing more light in; also, I must admit I don't love the idea of working hard to build that bay window if it isn't going to be a focal feature. Relatively long story somewhat shorter, have any of your found that it was possible to convert the bay window into a space fit for French doors? If so, how? Any and all guidance is deeply appreciated! Hope everyone is having a lovely holiday!
  8. My current project is repairing a very used, maybe not finished Laurel that I got for $10 on Craigslist.  One of the things I know I want to do is remove the doors, which are currently glued in place, and add hinges so they can open.  They are currently hot-glued in place, and I know that I can use a heat gun or hair dryer to soften the glue for removal, but I'm concerned about what the heat will do to the windows in the doors themselves.  The plastic looks very thin and I don't want it melted or warped if I can help it.  Has anyone else dealt with this before?  What did you do?  Should I just plan on replacing the plastic while I have the doors out? 
  9. Window cleaning question

    Nearing the end of my first build. Just noticed a little dirt (fingerprints, speck of glue) on the acetate windows, and I know you folks will know the best way to clean them up.  Help!   Thx
  10. Progress on my Glencroft has come to a halt!  The windows and doors need an exceptional amount of trimming to fit properly. I'm wondering if there's a faster/more effective way than sanding them by hand? I also tried a Dremel but it can't get the corners properly. Any suggestions appreciated before it becomes a pile of toothpicks!  
  11. I bought a San Franciscan 550 this past weekend from Craig's List.  The house is fairly sound, and is only missing interior stair railings (as far missing/broken components)  The tower roof is not original (or so I've been told) but the low roof doesn't bother me.  Here's my question.  Someone, at some point in the past, glued lace to the windows of the house (as you can see from the picture, the person took care to use the same pattern in each window)  While I don't hate the look, I'd rather have something else.  Whoever glued this lace in must have used some spectacular glue, because this lace is all stuck tight.  Any suggestions to remove the lace (without having to take apart the house) would be greatly appreciated.   PS If anyone has any ideas for the roof (aside from building a "witch hat" tower roof) I'd like to hear those too!
  12. Hi, My name is Erica and I recently ordered the Greenleaf Willow kit (due to arrive tomorrow), as well as purchased a partially complete Greenleaf Garfield (which is HUGE!!!!).  The Garfield has quite a bit of damage and work that needs to be done so it is more of a restoration/build.  Super excited to join this group and build my dollhouses.  I'm 32 years old and have never had one for myself, and I have two boys so I figured I better make one for me since I probably won't have a daughter.  I live in San Diego, CA.  I have two boys age 10 and 7... and a small boston terrier named Roxy. 
  13. I'm fixing up my old dollhouse from when I was a kid.  I am NOT an expert at dollhouses ;)  My problem is many of the windows are yellow now.  About half of the windows are in the house and half have not been put in yet.  Is there anything I can do other than taking out the windows and redoing it all?  What material do you suggest using that won't yellow?  I would put glass in them but don't want to risk it breaking if a kid is using the house.. and I don't see how it would work anyways since it is way thicker.  Many of these windows slide open.  Thanks for any help.
  14. Almost time to start decorating

    From the album Sugarplum Dollhouse

    Fireplace is mounted in and window panes are done  
  15. Lead Tape for window

    From the album Sugarplum Dollhouse

    i did a couple of Windows with the lead tape. Unfortunately I ran out of tape. Before I order another roll wanted input. do you like this look better than the copper? thanks
  16. Lead pane Windows

    This tutorial looks good and I like the end result. Has anyone tried to make realistic lead pane Windows and if so how did you do it. Want to get feedback before I purchase supplies
  17. Homemade windows for Garfield

    Hi, I want to make working sash windows for my Garfield which has been despatched and will hopefully be with me inJanuary.  Am trying to locate some double channel moulding to help make the windows and I just wondered if anyone knew where I could find some. I'm in the UK and I'm finding it difficult to locate any.....
  18. window trim ready To prime

    From the album My Orchid build - 1st doll house

    Ready to prime the window trim - patience is hard!!
  19. M and D's Victoria's Farmhouse

    From the album M and D's Victoria's Farmhouse

    Balcony off master bedroom with window of second bedroom.
  20. Hi I'm New

    Hi everybody, I am Sabrina, currently a New Yorker and a college student (studying history/english/law) on break, who was recently given the Greenleaf Beacon Hill house by her mother. I instantly fell in love with it, however it is in pretty bad shape. I am hoping to do a lot of the work, now that I have the time. I recently started working on it. It is built, and I started painting it and fixing the broken pieces on the house. Does anybody know how to replace the windows by any chance (if you can that is)? I look forward to learning from every one and hope this project is equally rewarding as it is stressful. P.S. Since I am sorta lost lol any advice is very much appreciated :throb:
  21. IMG 0718[1]

    From the album Real Good Toys Victorian Cottage

    This is my first build with opening windows. I took them apart for painting. I work so slowly, usually just with one paint coat a day. I hope these will be ready to go in by next weekend.