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  1. I'm fixing up my old dollhouse from when I was a kid.  I am NOT an expert at dollhouses ;)  My problem is many of the windows are yellow now.  About half of the windows are in the house and half have not been put in yet.  Is there anything I can do other than taking out the windows and redoing it all?  What material do you suggest using that won't yellow?  I would put glass in them but don't want to risk it breaking if a kid is using the house.. and I don't see how it would work anyways since it is way thicker.  Many of these windows slide open.  Thanks for any help.
  2. Minismodernas Contest 2014

    From the album Contest Pics 2014

  3. IMG 7002

    From the album New Furniture on Etsy

  4. Bathroom, Complete

    From the album Country House - Renovated

    This is how the bathroom looks today with all its accessories. The corner cabinet was a nice find, as it was perfect in size and for what I had in mind. Yellow is often a harder color to work with than pink, which is much more popular for a dollhouse bathroom. I was absolutely thrilled to find yellow toilet paper!
  5. French Rose Bathroom

    From the album Country House - Renovated

    To the right of the stairwell is the bathroom where Heather is checking to see if there are enough clean towels. Prior to the renovations, the bathroom was in the extented part of the larger room, which was the master bedroom. If you look through the door way, the bathroom used to be where the windows are. The bathroom porcelain is Reutter's French Rose pattern, which is discontinued. Fortunately, I was able to locate it in Nancy's Dollhouse & Minatures in Florida. This pattern matches the tea set in the living room. As you may have guessed, I really like the French Rose design.
  6. New Midcentury Modern

    From the album Midcentury Modern