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Update on my Arthur

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I have added the updated photos of my arthur here on the forum in my album, My Arthur, English Charm. So far, last night I assembled the stairs :lol: I really hate those stairs! :) and put the roof on. I also added some more of the interior trim, and started planning with some of my furniture just where the lights should go. I am leaving off the front porch because it will spoil the English cottage look. Today I worked on the right side, stucco-ing, timbering, and paperclay bricking in two of the panels. That side is done except for painting the paperclay and stoning in the foundation --which will be done after the lights are assembled and planned. I added a wall in the kitchen to hide the stairs, as they didn't really fit the cottage look I am going for, and also it added a nice little storage nook/pantry for an umbrella, shawl, hat and shelves of preserves. Two pieces I had bought for this house will prove to be too large, or take up too much room, such as the sink and the little white sofa--Maybe two armchairs and a tea table in the parlor, with a smaller fireplace, will suffice, and a floor lamp and a lamp on a table. In the kitchen I may make the sink, if I decide where it goes. I may put candles or a kerosene lamp in the kitchen.

I have also uploaded pics on my webshots:

Right now I'm planning what name this cottage should be called, I am thinking of making it personal, in honor of some of my aunts, great grandmother, and my dad.

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