Support: The Orchid Dollhouse Instructions

By Mini Man in Corona Concepts Dollhouses,
File Name: The Orchid Dollhouse Instructions File Submitter: Mini Man File Submitted: 17 Apr 2008 File Updated: 18 Apr 2008 File Category: Corona Concepts Dollhouse Instructions Dollhouse instructions for the Orchid Dollhouse by Corona Concepts. This is a fully illustrated enhanced version which includes the schematic diagrams. This is an electronic version offered in Adobe Acrobat format and requires Adobe Reader (version 5 or better) which is available as a free download. This is offered for personal use and may not be redistributed without written authorization from Greenleaf Dollhouses. A special thanks out to Ben Anderson for all his hard work on converting these instructions and adding all the wonderful diagrams. His technical drawing skills are nothing short of remarkable. His efforts will no doubt benefit miniaturist for decades to come. Greenleaf is forever grateful for his amazing contribution! Click here to download this file
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