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Hi Miniaturists,

I had expectations of getting into painting and decorating dollhouse furniture, but it's just not practical right now in my life.

I have several rooms of wood furniture that I'd like to sell.

All furniture is in its original box but I've taken some room photos so you can see it all together.

4 piece bedroom includes double bed, side table, dresser and blanket chest/toy box.


3 Piece Craft Room – Armoire, work table, stool and tiny thread spools

638339644253.jpg3 Piece Office/Den – Bookcase, table, chair, will include book and picture frame

638339644260.jpg4 Piece Modern Dollhouse Living Room Set – sofa, upholstered chair, coffee table and ornate armchair

*Note: the upholstered furniture does not come in boxes.

638339644277.jpgIf interested, please Message me

Thank you!

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Cristin,  you don't ever want to post your personal email address in an open, public post; it invites all sorts of webbots, spammers, etc.  People can contact you by PM to get information.

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Looks like lovely sets. I don't recognize them. Who is the manufacturer? Are the upholstered pieces cloth or vinyl?

Welcome to the forum. Hope you'll share other mini adventures with us.

By the way, PM means Personal Messaging. If you are in the full version of the forum you'll find it in the top right corner in the drop down menu under your name or by hoverig the curser over a member's name. On mobile devices it varies as to the location.

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Thanks for your help!


The upholstered pieces are cloth.


The craft room and bedroom have already sold.

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