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Hello my name is Sarah and I make 12th scale miniature food from polymer clay. My website is

Please have a look I have some new St Patrick's Day themed miniatures and I am about to start work on my Easter Collection.

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Hello, Sarah, your Belgian chocolates look deadly yummy!

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      Sharing 3 generations of love for dollhouses and miniatures! We create modern and organic 1:12th scale furniture kits made from solid wood and soft fabrics. These kits are enjoyed from miniaturists filling their dollhouses to loved ones looking for a hobby to share together. 
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      Toilet and sink made using homemade cold porcelain, ( my toilet actually flushes water..fill the tank, push the handle and watch the water disappear ),  roll top bread box, leather mules for Barbie.
      Cold porcelain......easy to make, put in air tight container it will last for months and not rot, easy to work with, no baking,
      drys as fast as school glue and hard as a rock almost...hard enough to carve like wood and sand too.
      For a lump about the size of a golf ball ---- 
      1/4 c Cornstarch
      1/8 c School Glue ..doesn't have to be school glue, any white glue or craft glue will work.
      1tsp Mineral oil is ok as well as face cream like Noxzema,  maybe even olive oil or coconut oil- sewing machine oil? LOL ....worth a try!
                                   Ive used mineral oil and Noxzema ...both worked fine except Noxzema is too smelly.
      Put the 3 ingredients into a container and stir until it starts clumping into chunks, then using your fingers,
      need the clumps together..adjust the consistency adding more corn starch to firm it up or more glue to moisten...
      You will know the consistency is correct when the inside of the container looks clean as well as your fingers.
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