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Hello all - I just made a paint sample discovery that I thought I would share. It may be redundant information for the more seasoned miniaturists, but might really help someone, too.

Here is the link to the post: http://my-miniaturemadness.blogspot.com/2015/10/quick-and-cost-saving-paint-sample-tip.html

If there are other tips and hints about sourcing paint (and other useful) samples, I would be glad to make space in my brain for them!

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Jodi, that is excellent if, unlike me, your computer monitor shows a true representation of the sample color.  I hear color (warm, light colors are usually louder than cool, dark ones) and I find it's better for me to see the colors in front of me to get what I want.

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That makes a lot of sense! Hopefully, I'll end up with something close to what I wanted!

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Well Jodi, you got me alright! I never knew this! Sure would save me a half hour drive to Home Depot! If you are in the store, check near the sample jars for the little fan sample card thingys...arggg, the words, they escape me! Here's a pic...Now that I look at it, it's from Lowe's! I'll have to check and see if Home Depot has the same thing. Would help with choosing colors and they come out with new ones every season....I save them all. And I don't know why these pics are so big...large.100_7201.JPG.e7232e60c50dc9f20ddf2


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I find the cheapest paint to use for a rustic look is Crayola water colors. 

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Debra that's interesting! I had no idea about Lowes having sample cards and paints. Our Lowes is a lot further away than the other 3 hardware choices, so I hardly ever make it over there. I haven't checked out their online shopping experience, either, but I will now! Have I mentioned that I hate to drive? 4-1/2 years of a horrid commute for work and I am ruined for driving! I work from home now, so anything I can get to come to me is a great relief.

I also have bad luck just stopping by a store to try and find what I need. Maybe if stores had a phone app that you could use to scan the barcode to see reviews about items (like Amazon). But I stand there waffling back and forth trying to decide, and I always seem to make the wrong choice! Or I can't find what I need anyway! That's why I am stupid excited when I find an online solution. :0)

Sable - I haven't used the crayola paints since my kids were little! It's a great idea tho! Next time I am in the dollar store (once every six months or so), I'll pick up a tray of them.

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*** UPDATE***


IMG_1445.JPGThe sample paint arrived one day early. It was packaged well, a band of tape to seal the jars, then packed inside zip top bags.


havanahholly on the GreenLeaf blog pointed out that your computer monitor might mislead you on the actual color. That is a good point to consider if you are looking for something very specific.


In my case, a warm and country looking blue was all I was after. I brushed on a patch and I think it will work out perfectly for me! I am very pleased!



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There's a Home Depot near enough to me and I do love those Behr samples, but...Getting the paint in person is always an ordeal. Stand in line, wait your turn, give the paint guy your chip "Behr Ultra samples, please."

Paint guy: "what's your project?"

Me: "Oh, just a craft project."

Paint guy: "What are you painting?"

Me: "wood"

Paint guy: "you know, you don't have to use a primer with this."

Me: "well, actually, you do..."

This leads to a discussion about primers, wood, tannins, colorant saturation, adhesion, general chemistry, wood finishing, consumer marketing, etc. before we finally circle back around to the weather. Eventually the guy mixes my paint samples and 30 tortuous minutes later I can be on my way. Buying online is definitely the way to go.

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