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Hello from Perth, Ontario, Canada

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Hello everyone here in the Greenleaf community.  I have been involved in dollhouse building for approximately 10 years.  I love rescuing old & ruined dollhouses and revamping them to give to one of my 10 granddaughters or to give for donation. I have built the Pierce ands several others (long story) but I am presently re-styling a Beacon Hill and need some support with it.  I have done approximately 11 houses, including a store, forestation, barn etc.  I do not work anymore and I spend most alone time working with my dollhouse projects.  i have a wee dog and an African Grey who keep me company and in the real world when I am preoccupied.  It is an addiction of fun proportions and expensive when I let myself get carried away.    for me, Thursdays are a time set aside that I meet with other enthusiasts in Marrickville for chat, help, & anything miniature.  I will post some p photos to accompany anything that seems necessary when I need help.  Thank you again for reading my post and allowing me to be a part of a large community where others with this addiction can meet, share & source.  Again Thanks Kate McDougall

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Hi Kate - and welcome to you and your little furbabies!  This is THE place to be for help, support and chat for all things mini-related and more. Can't wait to see some pictures of your projects - you don't have to wait until you need help to post pictures....we are a wonderful bunch and can't wait to help out with your addictions  projects! :groupwave:


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Hello! I have a lot of Canadian relatives, but none near Ontario. Where do you find your dollhouses? I have never once seen one at a garage sale, thrift, or curbside, but apparently lots of other people find them that way. I missed out on a $20 partially built Garfield (!!!!!) a few weeks ago, and I'm still sad about it. I like to restore all sorts of things, and did restore my childhood dollhouse, but would love to try another. I'd love to see some of your work, too.

Anyway, welcome aboard!  

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      Oh my goodness, I so happy I found this forum. Super excited to get to know all these creative minds.  I have zero experience building dollhouses - well as an art student 100 years ago in HS, I did create a miniature Shakespearian Scene for my English teacher. That’s it!
      My husband purchase this dollhouse for my at a Fleamarket. I’m planning on rehabbing it ;-) 
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      Do any of you have both a 1:12 scale home and 1:16 scale furniture that you could show me a picture of the size difference.  I've searched everywhere online and have only been able to find pictures of the furniture compared to each other but not a 1:12 scale home with all 1:16 scale furniture inside.  
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      Hi, new member here and wanted to introduce myself. I built a Harrison for my daughter several years ago; and although I was in over my head for a first timer, I enjoyed myself so much I wanted to build another one although I couldn’t justify building one if I wasn’t making it for someone (I’m not a collector (yet)). It’s been about 8 years, but I’m jumping back in with an Orchid kit that I’m kind of envisioning as a beach cottage. I’m excited for my winter project and really grateful for all the expertise and inspiration I’m finding here. I live in Virginia just outside of Washington DC.
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      My dad pulled this out of the attic and gave it to me - however I don't have any children and all the nieces and nephews are too old to want to play with it. I hope that this will go to a collector who will enjoy it or someone whose kids will enjoy it. I am not sure what it is worth. I have it listed on Craigslist.

      It has never been opened. Looks like the box might have some minimal damage from being almost 30 years old (1990), but nothing that would damage the dollhouse. 

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