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I am nearing completion of my Beacon Hill and have run out of shingles since I decided to shingle the bays.  My Beacon is a vintage kit from 1991 with the thicker shingles.  I purchased some spare Greenleaf shingles from a Beacon kit off of Ebay recently, but they were from a more modern kit and were much thinner than mine.  I only have the back tower roof left to do and estimate it will take about 100 shingles (including for cuts).  Would anyone have spare any shingle strip sheets from an early 1990's GL kit that they would part with?

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    • Beacon Hill assembly
      By missmiss76541
      My Beacon Hill in process
      I bought the kit back in 2008. I got the basic shell done at that time, but life put it to the side. This shell has moved from Texas to Missouri, back to Texas, to Virginia, back to Texas. I got a little done here and there. I finally got the box back out in the last month, I have the windows almost done, and some of the trim on. I know I'm sloppy, and I get in a hurry. I put some of the household stuff from the giant box in the rooms, not permanently, just to put something in it. I had a metal dollhouse when I was a child, which is now a collectors item, but I gave it to some random little girl. I gave her the plastic furniture with it, but everything else I kept. I've been finding and saving stuff all my life for this dollhouse, hence the giant box. I'm still undecided about the paint colors for it. Here's a couple of my favorite things, cat table & chairs, and table & chairs made from screen and springs.
      I had a friend come over a couple weeks ago, and she helped me a little bit. She said I need some people to be living in there. I didn't keep the people I had before. So, mine is going to be this cat family. For now. I printed 2 out on card stock, one with mirror image, then glue them together. No cost. 
      What's funny is...I live in San Antonio, in the "Beacon Hill" neighborhood. Every other place I've lived here, I used the Beacon Hill post office. Worst post office on the planet. However, even though I live in the Beacon Hill neighborhood, they are not my post office. 

    • Replacement die-cut sheets (Beacon Hill window)
      By missmiss76541
      I have the Beacon Hill kit, I bought it back in 2008. It's been in-process since then. Lately I've been doing a lot more with it. I am up to the windows now, and I should have 4 sheets of the same windows, but I only have 3. I don't know if it was never there in the kit, or if I lost it somewhere in the last 12 years. 
      So I emailed Greenleaf last Monday, 9 days ago, asking if I could get a substitute sheet, someone replied immediately that yes, it's $20 plus shipping, and I needed to specify exactly what sheet I needed, which I had already done in the initial email. So I emailed right back, with the sheet I needed, and I even sent a picture of the schematic. No response...I have since emailed 4 more times, no response. I have called the company phone number countless times in the last 9 days, left messages, I've got no response. I'm stuck, I can't assemble any more until I get that sheet, the windows need to be finished before I start on the trim. What is up with this company? Someone answered me right away the first email, now I get crickets. 
    • 3 Dollhouses For Sale: Arrow Kit 750 Royal Dream / Greenleaf Fairfield 8015 / Dura Craft Heritage HR560
      By lrsafari
      Hope I am obeying the rules.
      I am "New" here, but my eBay record is visible, and I can point to when I bought and sold high end cinema cameras and gear.
      I am happy to provide additional photos or details if requested.
      (1) Arrow Kit 750 Royal Dream  Kit in original box, Appears complete, I counted the main wood sheets. I am not sure if any shingles or other loose pieces. Box is old masking tape nightmare, but it is there.     (2) Kit: Dura Craft Heritage HR 560
      Kit in original box. Perhaps 25% of kit is missing.
      My wife and I did an inventory of the pieces. I have some of the instruction manual pages we made notes on, but need to look for a couple pages.

      (3) BUILT: Greenleaf Fairfield 8015
      Fully assembled, painted, flooring. But needs a bit of care. Some shingles are missing, Some panels sem loose. Flooring, other decorator items showing their age.
    • Hello!
      By warpedrivka
      Hello! Honestly just checking out dollhouses and miniatures. I was gifted my grandmothers dollhouse made in the 70's and I really want to renovate it and fix it up! I have always had a fascination with miniatures though! Have a good day!
    • First time builder in Texas!
      By SBL
      Good Morning Everyone,
      We are getting the Beacon Hill for my daughter for Christmas for us to build together.  She loves all things miniature (as do I) and will be thrilled with the traditional style.  As a first time builder, my main question is where do we start? Is there a reference book we should have on hand, any tool kits I should buy in addition to the doll house, favorite glue? I would hate to open the box and find we need several additional items, or start and realize we should have done things in a certain order.  I am so excited and nervous to start this project with her and want to be as prepared as possible!
      Many many thanks,