My First Dollhouse Room!

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Hey friends, I'm new here, and wanted to show off the first dollhouse room i ever made! All the furniture was made by me using walnut, and the floors and windows are with basswood. The walls are actually foam board covered in plaster. I was able to emboss the brickwork right into the foam board, and then use a polishing powder to fill in the grout. 

The door was also made of basswood, and the stone is polymer clay. The food you see in the photos was also made by me. ;3

Link leads to images. 

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Very, very nice.  Pretty details on the cabinets, and a clever way to make brickwork.  It looks good.

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Thanks! I learned a ton from this project. I didn't really have the proper tools, but now that I have a mini dremel saw, i'll have better accuracy.

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I do hope you will post an introduction in the Newcomers' Forum.  You do very nice work.

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