My first dollhouse is built!

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oh my goodness it's just wonderful! I wish they would have made the kit in 1/12's way too little for me to make now that im one of the old gals :(

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Ashley, I absolutely love EVERYTHING about your house! It's stunning! The details you put in this has made it a true masterpiece! 

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    • Cane Chair, Palm & Vase
      By aussieguy84
      I made this cute little cane chair using toothpicks, sponges for the cushions and navy fabric. The palm is a kit from SDK Miniatures. The little vase I found online and will make a little wooden stand for it. Lounge room pieces are coming together!  
    • fairfield-attictower2.jpg
      By wormwoodz
      Didn't have a lot of time to play around with the decorations, I'll have to take some time to figure out what kind of accessories this room needs. Perhaps more books, pictures, a clock, a teaset and other small things... 
    • fairfield-attictower1.jpg
      By wormwoodz
      The tower area is not big but looks very cozy, the way the light shines in makes it perfect for a small reading corner. Testing some options, I thought about adding a desk here but since there is an office on the other side of that door it would feel a bit repetitive perhaps. I'm still not sure about the credenza but that wall looked too empty without it. My tiny rotating shelf sits between the stairs and the couch, you might wonder why I put so much detail into something and then 'hide' it away lol... but that's the spot I had in mind for it.
    • fairfield-attic-towerdetail1.jpg
      By wormwoodz
      Closeup of the bookshelf in place, I thought about moving it to the living room where it would be more visible, but I just love how well it fits this area. Details and pictures here.
    • halfinch-rotbookshelf.jpg
      By wormwoodz
      I wanted a bookshelf for the top floor tower of my Fairfield, but the low height of the ceiling in this area made it a bit complicated. Then while visiting family during holidays I saw this lovelly rotating bookshelf that doubles as a sidetable and I decided I must have one. As a book lover I'm always running out of space to store books (and room on the walls to add more shelves...), these are so space efficient and practical! On top of that it looks really good anywhere
      I've decided to make one of these in miniature, this is accurate 1:24 size and fully functional. The shelf section rotates 360 degrees to make it easy to pick your read, and the wheels also work so it can be moved around! None of those features are very useful in a miniature house, but it adds to the fun and looks ;) I did not take pictures before assembling, but it's probably easy to figure out how this works: the moving portion is connected to the base with a screw and the wheels are miniature working brass casters (many thanks to the folks here on the forum who helped me find them!).