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Hi everyone

I am excited to be here. I just found this new hobby and passion yesterday. 
To be honest, I can't wait to begin building! But there are so many things to consider before jumping into it. 

I have tried to find out which scale I want to build. 

A lot uses 1:12 inch scale. And I am sorry, but I don't get the inch scale. I have tried to google it in centimeters, which is what I use. 

If you take this door for example:

Then in centimeters it should be 19.69 high and 8.57 wide and 1.27 thick. 

Is this a 'normal' scale to use? I think it sounds a bit large for a dollhouse/miniature house. 


Thank you :)

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Seems fine to me looking at the inches and your cm calcs  the door size listed will be for the overall size so if you measured a door at home including the casing and the frame it should be somewhere near  although not all doors are created equally in real life as in the dolls house world so as the hobby lobby door state it would be nearly 8 foot tall this includes the bottom plinth which most RL doors don't have to the top of the casing,  most UK doors are 6 foot 6 inch high or taller but add on the plinth and casing and it could be bigger.

Some of the UK stores tell you the size of cut out it fits to make it a bit easier

Hope this sort of helps

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Welcome to the little family, Trine.  I have a ruler with 12 inches measured out in increments of 1/16" along one edge and in 0.10 of a centimeter along the other.  I work in 1:12 and in 1:24 scale.

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I just ignore the calculations and just get things which fit into the scale I am using, as I am not into imperial measurements either. (All the metric I did at school and uni has made imperial measurements a mystery to me.) I did make a 16th scale bookcase once as I have an old Lundby house and what I did with that I just measured a 16th scale wardrobe to see how high and long it should be.

Other times, I can tell by looking at something to determine if it is too large - I bought a '24th' scale cauldron online which when I opened it, I could tell that it was a 12th scale one because it was too big.

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