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I purchased an almost completely built Glencroft dollhouse at an estate sale. The only things left to do are the windows and doors. No directions came with the house. I have looked at a lot of pictures online but I simply can't figure out how to do the windows. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance.

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I just put windows in the Glencroft I am building.  I made duct tape hinges by sandwiching the duct tape between the window frames and then using then sticking the tape to the outside of the window opening.  I then put the window or house trim over the tape.  They work great.



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Tanya, I did the same thing using strips of chamois.

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          My name is Bill Brown and I hail from Arnold, Mo. (just south of St. Louis). I am new to the dollhouse experience but not ownership. Please let me explain.
         Back around 1984 I was looking for a cool present for my younger sister. One night I was out with some friends and someone asked to stop at Michael's craft store.
      While said member was looking for their item, I started wandering aimlessly around the store. I happened to stumble across the dollhouse aisle . "Wow these are cool!" I thought to myself!
      As I was walking along admiring the box art of the various kits, I came across the Glencroft. "How cool is that!" I thought to myself. I quickly decided that this kit would be the coolest gift I could bestow upon my sis. I quickly grabbed it (dang it's not exactly light!") and headed for the register. As I made it to the front of the store I came across the rest of my party at the checkout lane. "What are you doing with that?" one exclaimed. I told them that this house kit was going to be the perfect present! I also told them that I would assemble it for her after her birthday and she could enjoy decorating it. "Good luck with that" they said.
          As I had hoped my sister LOVED her Glencroft! I told her I would build it for her and she could decorate it to her hearts' content.
         You may have guessed what happened next. With the promise of getting started "any day now", days became weeks, months, years. This kit came with me when I moved out of my parents home to my own place. Then when I got married and purchased our first home it moved with us. Some years later after my unfortunate divorce it was still with me. Up until the present, coming along on my second journey into marriage and home ownership. All these years I've looked at that box and said to myself "I really need to get this going".
         A few months ago I was diagnosed with a health issue involving my heart. Last week I underwent a successful procedure to remedy the issue. Your really start looking at things differently when you have a medical scare like this. One of those thoughts included that birthday present and promise I made to my sister those many years ago. 
         So that, in a nutshell, is why I'm here. I was an avid model builder in my younger days and always loved to assembly things. This has carried over into my career as a mechanic and my current job of rebuilding transmissions for urban transit buses. I have, however  never assembled a dollhouse before. Google directed me here to the forums and while looking around I saw a lot of folks sharing their passion and expertise in transforming a box of wood into a thing of beauty! I see many have built the Glencroft so I felt this community would be a good one to join and learn from!
          My plans for my build are to try to build it "period correct" for when the Tudor's became common place. I want to stucco interior as well as exterior, wood flooring correct for the period, and installing illumination that would not look out of place. If anyone has any suggestions to guide me on my journey I would appreciate it!
         As for now I will cease my ramblings and just say "hello"!
      Bill Brown 
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      I'm now on to my third dollhouse, and unlike the first two which were purchased kits, this doll house is a rescue!!  Found on a street curb, it was really in pretty good shape. The original builder did a good job constructing the house; the shingles are a lesson in perfection; the painting and wallpaper show a better than average understanding of how to handle these tasks; floorings were in good shape and installed with double sided tape.  Yes, there are a few loose shingles, the door is broken along with the porch.  Biggest problem is the outside wall are dado cuts to mimic siding and the builder reversed the front and glued the siding side inside rather than outside.  That will be easily remedied with Greenleaf siding strips.  This will soon be the Farmhouse I envision.
      But I desperately want to replace the windows.  The large front windows are a bit smaller than standard size--I'll enlarge opening to accept new windows.  However, the dormer windows are rectangular rather than square and an irregular size.  I have not been able to identify the dollhouse, so there is no chance of finding manufacturer to see if there is a more current window style available.  I am now faced with going where I haven't gone before and building my own windows.
      Any suggestions or words of advice out there?