Unfinished Beacon Hill Dollhouse looking for a home

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This partially finished Beacon Hill Dollhouse was left in the house we just purchased and we'd like to find it a loving home.  It seems to be wired for lighting and there's wood for siding in the box still.  We live in Cheyenne Wyoming but would be happy to meet if your within a couple hours.  We're not even sure how much to ask for this, so any advise on that would be great.




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So glad that you're making the effort to find a home for this lovely house. Please note that no dollar amounts are to be posted in the open forum. Conversations regarding price can be held via the Private Message feature. Hover the cursor over the person's avatar to open a window, then click on the envelope icon. All such conversations are private. Good luck finding someone to love this house.

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    • BeaconHill-parlour-wip3.jpg
      By wormwoodz
      This room is a pain to photograph, poor natural light and not a lot of space availiable to move the house around at the moment... the light fixtures don't help much in this case but at least they are working lol. I'll try to get some decent shots when I move on to the hallway... so many components to glue and paint and so little time ;__; 
      For the panels I tried to go for a color that would look nice with any color furniture, both walnut and mahogany constrast nicely with the walls. Second Empire houses often played with constrast; for this house I'm going with light french inspired ceilings paired with light floors, and darker colors on walls. I wasn't very fond of the interior window trims for the bay windows, they looked a bit 'chunky' and odd so I tried something diferent. You can see all that light coming from the doorway because I haven't attached the front tower wall... yet.... there's a lot of work to do there. I'm testing the lenght of the chain on the chandelier, not sure if this is too short... I should probably try a table under it. All my light fixtures are Heidi Ott, they look really nice and realistic, probably the best I found in this price range but most of my wiring and strips are houseworks. The plugs have diferent sizes here in EU, some brands aren't very reliable stocking basic wiring supplies and too often incompatible with other suppliers :/  
      Now I'm thinking if I should wallpapper the second floor already or wait until I glue the front wall... I have to paint a lot of components for the ceilling in the hallway, would be nice to have diferent areas to work in between. 
    • BeaconHill-wallpanels-wip.jpg
      By wormwoodz
      Here are the assembled wall pannels, after the stain is applied they'll have to lay down flat with weight on top for about 2-3 days until completly dry. I'm including this shot in case anyone is interested in trying something like this, I didn't use a lot of materials as you can see but they still look pretty realistic after put together. It's all basswood so they'll get a stain treatment, you can see a test sample for the color I used on a small piece of wood. Also included the stains I use, the bottle is the premixed stain (water based) and in the jar a mix with satin varnish finish. I apply them with a paintbrush and let it dry for over a day so the color will be evenly spread after absorbed by the wood, then another day or 2 to let the top varnish dry. I use the same method for the stairs, windows, doors etc. 
    • BeaconHill-parlour-wip2.jpg
      By wormwoodz
      I ran out of trim while cutting the wood pannels, now I'm crossing my fingers hoping I ordered the correct size lol...
      This will delay the work in this room for a while, in the meantime I got started on the floors. I'm not sure how I'm going to finish the interior of the bay windows, they bottom will have a continuation of the pannels but I'm not very fond of the kit's pediments. Luckily the external ones are separate pieces for these. All the glass frames will be stained dark mahogany (as in the kitchen), I'm not sure if I should use the same stain on the interior frames or use a lighter color. The wall pannels will be stained a medium Teak or Cherry, I'm trying to follow a combo of light floors + darker walls I've seen in houses from this period that I got really fond of
    • BeaconHill-kitchen-1.jpg
      By wormwoodz
      Furniture test, not a lot of space in this tiny kitchen. The hutch and table were barewood pieces I painted to match the kitchen, tried to distress them a bit too but I think they need more work. Idealy the sink should go under a window but then the furniture will look too crammed... luckily it fits on that narrow wall too. I bought a reutter pot rack so I could have a decent assortment of pots and pans, everything else is from my porcelain collection. I guess I'll use some of the stuff I already had to decorate the house, I'm missing a lot of basic accessories I'll have to get later but I'll have plenty of time till I can actually keep the furniture in the house xD
    • BeaconHill-kitchen-floor.jpg
      By wormwoodz
      Floor done! I love victorian style tiles, this went a lot faster than I expected but on hindsight I shouldn't be tiling during the night, not enough light to see that I was making a mess... lol. Had to wash them several times and there are still bits of glue here and there, I'll let them dry overnight and clean them up later.