Unfinished Beacon Hill Dollhouse looking for a home

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This partially finished Beacon Hill Dollhouse was left in the house we just purchased and we'd like to find it a loving home.  It seems to be wired for lighting and there's wood for siding in the box still.  We live in Cheyenne Wyoming but would be happy to meet if your within a couple hours.  We're not even sure how much to ask for this, so any advise on that would be great.




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So glad that you're making the effort to find a home for this lovely house. Please note that no dollar amounts are to be posted in the open forum. Conversations regarding price can be held via the Private Message feature. Hover the cursor over the person's avatar to open a window, then click on the envelope icon. All such conversations are private. Good luck finding someone to love this house.

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    • Beacon Hill fireplaces + chimney kit bash
      By WestPaces
      Hello Minipeople 
      I have something I need advice on from someone more experienced than myself...
      Looking at the house from the back, I want to move the fireplaces in the living room and the 2nd floor bedroom to the opposite wall (the one backing on to the stairwell). the realist in me insists I move the chimney to a position on the roof that will reflect this change. In place of the chimney, I would add another mansard window in the 3rd floor room (which will be the children's room  Is this easily doable? would the chimney (shortened?) fit behind the tower?
    • BeaconHill-exterior-wip1.jpg
      By wormwoodz
      The progress on the exterior so far. I had a few days off so I tried to get as much work done on the structure as possible, I'm happy it's finally starting to look like a house  
      I'm currently working on the rest of the windows, because I'm using diferent colors it takes a really long time as I have to paint the trims before assembling. When I'm done I'll wallpapper the rest of the house, add the windows and remaining sinding, and then resume work on the interiors. The dormer windows.... are a real headache to put together. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to do it so that I can get a smooth curve, seams really hard to acomplish that with the window in place. I haven't glued the roof of the tower, I'll probably leave it like that to be easier to work. I haven't done any modification to this roof, I like it the way it is, I think I will have fun decorating it as the ceiling for the third floor hall.
    • BeaconHill-colors-test.jpg
      By wormwoodz
      I wanted to test the color I had picked for the siding, I was undecided between this dark magenta or dark plum. I thought the plum might have looked too dark for what I had in mind, but seeing this color in direct light it's a lot brighter than I expected. Thoughts?
      This is the color scheme I got inspiration from.
    • Hello! I'm a first time builder from Atlanta:)
      By WestPaces
      Hi everyone! I fell down the rabbit hole and landed in the wonderful world of miniatures