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    • New Here - Introduction
      By Msdemeanr
      Hi, new member here and wanted to introduce myself. I built a Harrison for my daughter several years ago; and although I was in over my head for a first timer, I enjoyed myself so much I wanted to build another one although I couldn’t justify building one if I wasn’t making it for someone (I’m not a collector (yet)). It’s been about 8 years, but I’m jumping back in with an Orchid kit that I’m kind of envisioning as a beach cottage. I’m excited for my winter project and really grateful for all the expertise and inspiration I’m finding here. I live in Virginia just outside of Washington DC.
    • Greetings!
      By Rainwallker Doll Houses
      Hello, fellow forum members -
      My first exposure to Greenleaf was the Harrison that my mother built for her grandchildren in the early 80s. It was well loved by our families and most of the neighbor children. The dollhouse traveled a bit and was given first to my niece and then my eldest daughter, whose five year old daughter is attached to it at the hip. When my newest grand daughter was born last year her mother said, "Great! Now it's OUR turn for the dollhouse!" To forestall the inevitable battle (ever tried to pry a five year old from her favorite toy on the planet?) I decided to make a new dollhouse for the other set of grandbabies. I  joined the woodshop in my retirement community, found the best mentor on the planet, and dived in.
      It's been twenty years since I tackled a doll house but it's been a joy.
      I'll share pics soon - promise!
    • help with how to measure for wallpaper, crown molding,etc.
      By Dollhouse Novice
      I am working on wallpapering individual pieces of a tower (Harrison) and am trying to figure out how much paper I need for the entire room. Math class was a really long time ago...I know I knew this at one time. Can anyone help? I do not need to know how to measure the tower walls because I know I have enough wallpaper to do them; as they are laid out side-by-side on a table in my family room. However, I do not know if I have enough wallpaper for the other walls and if I do not, then I need to know how much of another pattern to buy.
      My other situation: I want to have a crown molding on my walls in my Harrison and in the Orchid I am making. How do I determine the amount of molding, chair railing etc. if I am using a miter to create the corners? Does the angle of the corner determine how much extra I need beyond the length of the wall. My Orchid just has square walls so the angle will be mitered at 45 degrees? Right? So if I am cutting crown molding for my Harrison tower which is 5 pieces the angle for the corners will be different and does that make the length of the molding different?
      I am hoping that someone can understand my ramblings and possible run-on sentences!! Thanks for your patience.
    • I built a Harrison
      By Miriamgibbs
      I just completed the Harrison kit. It Took me exactly 2 months. It's a gift for my 4 year old. It was a big challenge. Please see the attached pictures.

    • My first house - Harrison
      By Just Grandpop
      Here are 4 photos from my first attempt - The Harrison