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    • Thanksgiving and holiday items being added to shop
      By Farmermarketminifood
      Here is the link for my new roast turkeys. I was quite pleased with them. More holiday items coming in the next week or so.

    • 15% off for Grand Opening on Etsy
      By Farmermarketminifood
      FarmerMarketMiniFood is having its grand opening sale on Etsy this weekend. 15% off your total purchase with coupon code GRANDOPENING. Come check it out!
    • Etsy shop for mini food
      By Farmermarketminifood
      Still new at this and adding more listings steadily. Come by and browse!
    • Hi, I'm Kate
      By Farmermarketminifood
      Hi, I'm Kate and you can find my Etsy shop here.
      I work mostly in polymer clay but also a bit in wood, paper and whatever else i can make work.
      I had a dollhouse as a girl; saved my allowance and Christmas money for ages. I still have it and am torn between fixing it up a bit and selling it and just selling it. 
      With a background in art and small children to take care of I have fallen back into miniatures as a way to create something in the time and space available.
    • Ebay Store and Etsy Shop
      By Lady-K
      Hello everyone, long time no see.
      Between a big move to my art studio last Summer and more Dollhouse/Art shows being added to my schedule, my miniatures and I have been zig-zagging across western/central New York. It's been an interesting experience and come September (Sept. 25th - WNYME Dollhouse Show in Hamburg, NY), all of my tiny creations will start traveling again, but for now most of my inventory plans on spending the Summer online.
      So if you missed me at a show, or you would like to browse my artist offerings, you can find my work available at my Etsy shop; https://www.etsy.com/shop/KyleLefort
      And a large portion of my inventory is also posted at my eBay store; http://stores.ebay.com/kylelefort
      I have been posting a few new items each week on eBay and once I'm out of store listings there I will start adding more to Etsy, so feel free to check back later.
      ~ By request, I also have plans to focus more on 1:48 scale items this year. Since 1:48 is a scale I only began working in because I was asked to a few years ago, I'm open to suggestions for new items. If there's anything in my shops that you'd like to see made in 1:48 or there is something that you have a tough time finding for your collections fell free to shout it out here. I'm not planning on accepting any commissions, but I would like to make sure that the super tiny things I create are actually things that other people would enjoy. I have a big magnifying glass now (such a good idea) and am more willing than ever to attempt to do cool stuff in that tiny scale.