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18 minutes ago, SewMini said:

The palace that is close to my house has a ton of these heaters and they’re all besutiful. They are also, of course, all Danish blue.

They are just so intriguing to me. Something I’ve never see before. The beauty of getting out of Florida every once and awhile.

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Wow!!  I have never seen anything like these!

22 hours ago, Sable said:

Rebecca, I was touring a museum in Strasbourg, France this morning and saw an old cabinet house from the late 1600’s with a living quarters upstairs from a workshop. I immediately thought of you and your gentleman’s living quarters. I took photos of it but won’t be able to post them here. Can you please message me your email address and I’ll forward them to you. Have you researched the ceramic heaters that were very commonly used during that time period? I’ve seen them everywhere here just 300km or 500 miles east of Paris. They were used in large chateaus and in small rooms. I’ll find some examples and post the links.

They're really amazing!  Thank you so much Sable for thinking of me!!!  I'll message you now with my email and now I'm off to look at French stoves!

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