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Me again!  SO. I've finally created all my custom wallpaper and printed them all out. I also have started cutting down and staining all my individual coffee stirrers for my flooring. 

My question is this: for the Fairfield, since the layout is so complex, I can't figure out if it would be better to lay the flooring down before I put up the walls, or to wallpaper and assemble the walls before I install the flooring? I know everyone says it is preference, and that if you dry fit, you'll be able to see tricky spots before you do it, and decide that way...but for me, the whole thing seems tricky hahaha. Also, I am not wiring for lighting, so that component doesn't matter either. 

Is there a benefit to doing wall assembly first vs. floor first or vice versa? I am going to paper the walls before I install them in either case, if that makes a difference. 

Thanks friends! 

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I always do wallpaper and flooring after assembly, except for when there's a spot that would be too hard to reach afterward. With the Fairfield, I suggest papering the entry room before assembly, including the staircase wall. (I like to paper staircase walls all the way up with the same paper, so you don't have a seam where the first floor transitions into the second floor.)

The long second floor hallway is another room that could be tough to paper after assembly, but I used stiff scrapbook paper for that and I don't think it was too hard. (I cut the paper to the right height, slid it in and creased the corners, and then pulled it back out to apply glue.)

One reason I paper after assembly is so the wallpaper can wrap around the corners. Since the kits don't always fit together perfectly you might end up with gaps at the corners that will be visible if you paper the walls beforehand (you can cover these up with trim, though). Also keep in mind that if you paper before assembly you'll have to be careful not to get glue on the paper as you glue the house together. When pieces don't fit snugly I like to run glue along the insides of the joints to help them hold, which you can't do if you've already wallpapered.

As for papering first vs. flooring first, when the house is assembled it doesn't make much difference. I wouldn't add the coffee stirrer floors before assembly, though -- they might get in the way of putting everything together.

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I do what Emily does. Although sometimes I might paper some walls as I construct, especially in halls or stairwells. I would floor afterwards too.

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I scribed all the "boards" into the floors of my Fairfields and then stained them (except for the parlor & diningroom floors, which I painted) before assembly.

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