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    • 1:24 moldings?
      By Antigona
      It's been almost two weeks since I ordered my first dollhouse and I already recieved it and dry fitted yay!
      Right now I'm dissasembling everything as I decide any modifications on rooms and so on. But I need some help on moldings.
      I already have some wallpapers ready to print, but I would like to know where can I buy 1:24 moldings? All I can find (at least near me) are 1:12 moldings (crown molded or simple).
      Do you have any idea and tips?
      Thank you!
    • Reintroduction: Been Gone So Long! Hello From Eastern OR
      By HalfScaleDollhouseLOVER
      Hello Everyone!
      It was some time ago now that I joined the forum for Community and Advice but I got VERY ill with my juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA) and never did build my Fairfield. I opened it. Tried to gently sand the pieces without taking them out with the included sandpaper, but almost RUINED my kit!
      That put me off building for some time.
      Then my Actemra injections gave me a nasty case of pancreatitis with the unknown (At that time.) pain coming to a head in mid September of 2018. Ulcers in my gall bladder and stomach had to be healed by both medication and surgery. One surgeon cleaned sludge out of my stomach from a raging infection. So no more injections that lower my autoimmune system for me: EVER!
      I've just now recovered.
      And I want to get back in to 1:24 (half scale) dollhouse kit building. It saddens me to discover a great many full scale makers stopping production, especially those that made half scale items too. Or simply dropping their half scale lines. (Bespaq I'm looking at YOU!)
      Furniture I've been slowly collecting, but it has been difficult to find artisan pieces. What I have discovered is that you can Always ask. Ask for a custom built piece in half scale, ask an EBay seller to hold onto a Dollhouse kit, and the worst they can say is sorry,  I can't.
      Most of the time the answer is: yes! I'm fact I've got a Real Good Toys out-of-production half scale Victorian Shell dollhouse kit arriving Tuesday or Wednesday from an extremely kind EBay seller who held in until February and even shipped it when her ad said Pick up. I'm hoping that my arthritis flair-ups take a back seat so that I may begin on my dollhouse soon. (It's storming here so I awoke stiff as heck!)
      It's a front opening dollhouse kit, which is a necessity with my (currently) three, soon to be two house cats. (With my poor health my girl kitty is going to live with my childhood Best Friend's mum.) Felines LOVE the box-like shape of a dollhouse and I must protect my little people inside from Large Paw Chaos.
      With getting this kit in half scale, and being a Research Type person I picked up 'The Dolls' House 1/24 Scale: A Complete Introduction' by Jean Nisbett off of Amazon to begin my education, but I'm still a Newbie. This will be my first completed dollhouse, and I'm both excited as well as nervous to begin.
      What I know:
      Work slowly. There isn't any need to rush.
      Take zoomed in photographs to see detail and complete the scene with realism.
      Plan everything before beginning.
      Plans may change once I get to that part. And that's okay!
      Test each connection when adding the electric lights. Avoid knives and sharp objects inside the dollhouse once the electrical is in, because it is easy to accidentally cut a connection.
      Ask for advice! There isn't anything wrong with getting stumped and asking those who know so much more where to go from there.
      Try to include Artisan furniture and accessories! It makes a little dollhouse look amazing to have such high quality work inside it.
      IF I try to make something myself as a placeholder until I find something created by an artist, it's good practice for becoming better myself with creating my own pieces. (I say this because I am not an artist. I can't draw stick people, but I would like to learn.)
      Use real house paint samples for painting. But DO NOT get anything with a shine to it, as in miniature it shows all sorts of flaws.
      For each dollhouse kit use new paint brushes. If I'm working on something very detailed, and it's not coming out right, there isn't any reason to sand off the paint and start over with brand new brushes. Sometimes smaller ones may help too.
      Use very fine sandpaper! I already learned this from my Fairfield mistake, sadly.
      Is there anything else that I couldn't think of? I'm SO grateful for any help, advice or suggestions! I don't know where I would be without this forum. Thank you.
      Drea W.
    • Hello from Saugerties,NY
      By Pantheropia
      Hello! I am new to the forum and so glad to have found it. I am newly retired and building a greatly expanded 1:24 Thornhill mansion. I am making all the furniture, flooring, fireplace walls, and and needle pointing the wall, ceiling and furniture coverings. My inspiration comes from HGTV shows flea market flip & fixer upper as well as from designers Mackenzie Child's.
      I was lucky enough to find a Victorianna on EBay. I am going to use it as my design store to hold my creations for the Thornhill. Also, I am kitbashing Greenleaf furniture.
      I look forward to sharing my creations.
    • Coffee Table and Sofa Table
      By aussieguy84
      This little coffee table was the first piece I made for my Fairfield; my second attempt and first furniture piece I have ever made. It's based on the Parquet Coffee Table from Pottery Barn. I made the base out of toothpicks which I painted black and the top is a piece of 1.0mm balsa wood which I scored using a sharp lead pencil to add the details of the wooden panels. I might darken and varnish the top yet - i'll wait and see what shade of wood stain i'm going to do my floorboards in. I made a little matching sofa table to go in my bay window of the Fairfield lounge room; also based on the matching furniture piece from Pottery Barn. 
    • Grey 3 Seater Sofa & Ottomans
      By aussieguy84
      I used the 3 seater MARLEY sofa from Freedom as inspiration for this one : - ) I made the base out of balsa wood, kitchen sponge for the seat cushions and a grey cotton fabric to cover the lot in. Made an additional two ottomans which will act as additional seating as I'm going to be hard pressed to fit in another sofa in the Fairfield lounge room.