Willowcrest schematics (again)

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I'm sorry for double posting but yet I had no luck. I still don't have the schematics drawings for my willowcrest ;_;

I mailed Greenleaf 2 times for this issue, called them yesterday (probably the gentleman freaked out with the spaniard way of raise the voice when you want to be understood even if you are not bothered in any way :lol:), but still don't have it (busy times?)

One user was kind enough to contact me but for any reason (maybe time, big pdf or so) she couldn't get it to me :(

Pleeeeease can someone send it to me? I could find the instructions or warm up sheet on the internet but not the schematics ;_;

*Desperates in spanish*

Thank youuu

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UPDATE: I got them! Shannon was super kind and scanned them for me.

Thank you very much!!!

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