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tennyson Tennyson 1/12 question re adding rooms

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Hi folks,

I've bought a Tennyson fully constructed dollhouse and have seen these lovely buildings with room additions. I've searched for pre-built additions (nope) and plans to DIY, but no luck. 

Please, does anyone have a lead on a tutorial, guide, printed plan, or similar to help me determine if creating an addition is something I could tackle? Attached is an image of what I bought. It was only $70 Canadian, so I think it's a good deal and not too expensive to risk working on.IMG_0395.thumb.jpg.8525fba59b6c4d8175441IMG_0393.thumb.jpg.19e2e0c79fb44b96ee9d2

Thanks in advance,



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The first dollhouse I ever built was a Duracraft Heritage for my daughter who was about 9 or 10 at the time. I had no idea of what I was doing, and only had scrap lumber to work with, and leftover bits and pieces from the kit, but I felt the house needed more play space. You're welcome to check out the pictures if it helps you at all. Just click on them and they'll enlarge.

You could add a one or two story addition to your house. Obviously my drawing with microsoft paint really sucks big time.

Untitled a.png

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I have a Tennyson (built with hot glue originally) that I rescued from an auction house that is begging for rehab, so I will be most interested to follow this thread.

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Grazhina, thanks for your suggestion. I get the idea (from your drawing) I just need to be brave!

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